Interactive aquarium as a place for social gathering in the nursing home

interactive aquarium in nursing home

The ›living aquarium‹, developed by vertigo systems and installed by Pro Interaktiv, is the new place for relaxation and sociability at the nursing home „Ellen Marie“ in Gilleleje, Denmark.

interactive wall projection excites elderly people
digital aquarium - exciting and soothing at the same time
interactive double projection
virtual aquarium illuminates the room

Exciting and soothing at the same time: This is the interactive reef world of the ›living aquarium‹ which is displayed on a large-scale wall area by two powerful projectors. The residents of the nursing home „Ellen Marie“, located in the Danish coastal town Gilleleje, really enjoy it, as director Kirsten Schaumburg told us:

„We've had our giant aquarium from Pro Interaktiv for a month now. We are super happy with it. It lights up fantastically at the end of a hallway. There is always "life" in this area. The residents love to sit and watch the life in the sea, especially a male resident fell in love with the turtle which was the only one in the aquarium with the fish. The resident visits the turtle daily, but thinks it's such a shame it is alone. Kim from the company has now solved this by giving the turtle a partner.

How lucky that for such cases it is possible to adjust the composition and quantity of the sea creatures!

We realized this project together with Pro Interaktiv ( and are thankful for this great cooperation.

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