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Offline shopping is catching up and is also becoming increasingly digitized. vertigo systems range of innovative interactive products is ready for selected flagship stores and for large scale roll-outs. Our range of products include front-of-store ›living shopping window‹, in-store ›living wall‹ and ›living floor‹, in-mall ›living elevator‹ and in in-mall interactive LED-plaza. LED-plaza is a large area interactive floor arena and is adding an attractive meeting point for young and old to the crossroads in the world’s finest shopping malls. 

retail & shopping malls showcases

›paint2life‹ in the children's world at Warenhaus Loeb

The toys department of Warenhaus Loeb in Bern, Switzerland not only launches a brand new design concept but also an exciting new activity: Young artists can color their own fish and bring them to life in a large-scaled virtual fish tank.

Interactive showcase presents the new Saturn e-arena XPERION

The brand new e-arena XPERION, located in the Saturn store at Hansaring, Cologne, introduces a modern retail experience: 3000 square meters of store space feature everything that gamers love. One of the store partners is world’s most-famous video game publisher, Activision Blizzard. Working together with Elke Wilms – Werbeagentur, vertigo systems has created a spectacular eye-catcher: The interactive showcase ›living window‹, which attractes pedestrians in a magic way and invites them to enter the store.

largest virtual open air aquarium north of the alps unveiled

The cityscape of Paderborn has a new open air highlight. Stretching over a total length of 28m, visitors are faced with an impressive virtual interactive aquarium by the courtesy of the local bank VerbundVolksbank OWL eG. The relaunch of their interactive video wall is based on interactive technology ›living surface‹.

Interactive display windows at the Toy Worlds Museum Basle

Between 22nd October 2016 and 2nd April 2017 the Toy Worlds Museum Basle will show the special exhibition „The girl and the sea, Thousands of years old, mysterious depictions of sea creatures – Florence Gottet collection“.

Interactive LED Video Sky - we threw the rulebook out of the window: This will keep your head in the clouds

The Kazimierz Galeria, a Krakow shopping mall, has always been known for extravagant shopping. However, it now also boasts a unique, sensational shopping experience:

Dive into the interactive world of travelling!

A totally different dimension of travel booking has been created at the travel agency of DER in Berlin at „The Q“! Already on the ride on the escalator to the basement it is obvious: something is going on as there is hustle and bustle in the shop!

›living surface‹ complements bookstore shopdesign with touchless interactivity

The recently opened shops of the book store chain Thalia in Germany, Austria and Switzerland do all share a fresh and contemporary shop design. Here, the visitors will find many innovative ideas of…

giant leaps for little people with ›living surface‹ görtz kinder! shoes are one step ahead

At Alstertal shopping mall in Hamburg, Germany's first outlet for shoe fashion and accessories for children up to 12 years of age, Görtz Kinder!, entertains its young customers with interactive games…

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