living surface - artificial life

The artificial life engine allows assigning natural behaviors to creatures like fish, butterflies, birds and other objects like cars or airplanes. The engine works for 3D-models as well as for simple 2D animated objects. Dive into our famous virtual fish tank to see schools of different fish species showing a large variety of typical behaviors. When approached, some will behave bold and curious and others are shy and frightened. The population of the tank consists of many interactive schools each different in size, look and behavior. All of them sharing the same beautiful underwater world made of plants and coral reefs. Overall, the interactive animations and the high 3D rendering quality of the virtual world deliver a fascinating user experience extremely close to reality.

living surface - physics simulation

The interactive games soccer, pong, tennis and hockey rely on the physics engine. It is the basis for realistic simulations of many different sorts of movement. Take for example the virtual ball that is flying like a real ball, rolling along the surface and bumping realistically into the boards. The perimeter of the sport field is exchangeable in order to easily create a branded version of each game. If desired, the physics engine can also drive other objects modeled by an image sequence or by virtual 3D models. Ask us for custom software development if have specific requirements for entirely new behaviors of the animated objects.

living surface - mosaic effect

The interactive mosaic consists of a foreground and background image. Whenever someone steps on the projection area, the foreground image will split into many finely grained tiles and will open the perspective onto the background graphic. Upgrade this interactive effect with the video option to display video clips instead of static images. The size of the single mosaic elements and the characteristics of the reaction can be customized with a large number of parameters.

living surface - trace effect

Here the user will leave traces when stepping over the projection area. Apart from replacing the sequence of background images, this effect offers a high degree of freedom in the number, the size and the type of traces. Additionally, the traces can be formed using animated graphics sequences like blooming flowers. The effect is also upgradeable with the video option in order to play back movie clips in the background layer.

living surface - wipe effect

The interactive area is filled with countless objects or particles that will disperse whenever somebody steps on the surface. This way the user is making the view clear for the background image or movie clip (movie option required). Number, type and size of the foreground objects are variable. Additionally, the foreground objects themselves can be made from short image sequences that are played back whenever the user is approaching them.

living surface - button effect

The interactive surface contains single active areas. When someone touches the active area a specific animation sequence will be played. Each of the area is acting like a button to trigger a specific action. The size and the position of the button need to be defined by the author. This effect can also be combined with the video option to play back movie clips.

living surface - poster effect

In this masking effect the user erases the foreground image similar to using a rubber. The background image is gradually becoming visible. The transparency of the foreground image will disappear again slowly as soon as the user stops his activity. The choice of foreground and background images can be altered over the time. Sequences with short replacement cycles can be used to mimic short HD movie clips. Real movie clips can be used when choosing the video option. The reaction time and the degree of transparency can be modified in the effect setup.

living surface - fluid simulation

The fluid simulation produces fascinatingly realistic interactive waves on the water surface. Even light reflections on the surface are perfectly reproduced. Objects under the water surface appear optically enlarged and distorted. The real environment around the water surface (for example clouds in the sky) can also be reflected on the virtual water surface. Color and characteristics of the fluid can be modified in order to create liquid mercury or liquid gold.

living surface - dynamic particles

The dynamic particles react like small explosions to any gesture. They show a magic energie field animation with vivid color effects.

living surface - use basic effects to create individual content

Use the basic effects to create fascinating individual interactive content. The content authoring guide will give you more information on how to organise your content production workflow.  

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