any surface
make any surface to become alive

particle jelly fish

OrderID: ANY_particle_jelly_fish


The background image can be customized.
OrderID: ANY_writing

fluid fish

OrderID: ANY_fluid_fish

white fish

OrderID: ANY_white_fish

fluid grid

The background image can be customized.
OrderID: ANY_fluid_grid


The background image with logo can be customized.
OrderID: ANY_delicious

fish in space

OrderID: ANY_fish_in_space


OrderID: ANY_haring

fluid sparkle

OrderID: ANY_fluid_sparkle


The logo image can be customized.
OrderID: ANY_design

welding force

OrderID: ANY_welding_force

bar red

OrderID: ANY_bar_red

dot fish

OrderID: ANY_dot_fish

bar white

OrderID: ANY_bar_white

Image ratio of all thematic groups is 16:9 or 4:3.

Remark: Not all of the pictures and videos shown are of a purely documentary origin. Some serve for illustration only. The actual optical result of an interactive media installation depends on the specific situation and the specifics of the media technology used in the particular installation.

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