bank's branch relaunched with new digital look & feel

interactive display in bank branch

The new main branch of Kreissparkasse Stendal is setting new standards for customer contact. Interactive media installations contributed by vertigo systems complete the picture.

interactive 3D aquarium in bank branch
virtual fish react to the visitor
interactive lamp with games for kids
interactive lamp with games for kids

There's still some construction work to be finished, but after the grand opening in August 2019, the customer will hardly be able to recognize the bank's main branch anymore. A bright, friendly and interactive atmosphere will welcome them to the future of retail banking. There's so much to discover. Two interactive media installation stand out of the usual everyday life. 

The ›living wall‹ is the gatekeeper to the new world of retail. The visitor activates the bank's characteristic logo when passing by. A metaphor for the bank's customer centered approach. The automatic scheduler regularly changes the content to a breathtaking interactive tropical aquarium. An excellent contribution to the inspiring and relaxing architecture of the new place. 

Quite naturally, the lamp shade of the interactive lamp ›pepino XL‹ is shining in the characteristic color of the banking group. Young and old visitors will be equally surprised to discover that this is more than a standard pendent lamp. It is the origin of an interactive media projection onto the surface of the table below. What appears to be an ordinary table is a fascinating interactive game station that guarantees kids' fun while their parents are engaged in a meeting. 

Visiting your bank's branch can be real fun. Find more information about this project on the website of our customer BANCO Projektentwicklungs GmbH & Co. KG

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