double faced interactive fish tank divides the room

The medical practice dental.h of Dr. Ulrich Holzmann and Dr. Carola Holzmann offers a special kind of entertainment in the waiting area to young and old patients: interactive display walls by vertigo systems turn the visit at the dentist’s office into a unique highlight.

interactive virtual aquarium with 3D coral reef
videowall with interactive 3D-aquarium

How can the modern design of a medical practice get emphasized while providing entertainment in the waiting area? The owners of dental.h have come to a convincing solution:


With the help of ›living surface‹ technology by vertigo systems the visit at the doctor’s office turns into an exciting experience!

The large double-faced interactive ›living aquarium‹ is a real eye-catcher: it shows the ›living aquarium‹ from the front and from the rear and is so realistic that the spectator wants to dive in and enjoy the fascinating submarine world.

At the same time the ›living aquarium‹ creates a recreative atmosphere which fits perfectly into the modern ambience of the medical practice and invites young and old to play with the schools of tropical fish.

The interactive surfaces by vertigo systems highlight the uniqueness of dental.h and add up to the many reasons for patients to return.


Our team wants to thank Mr. and Mrs. Dr. Holzmann and the team of dental.hfor a great teamwork and wishes all the best for the future!


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