›paint2life‹ in the children's world at Warenhaus Loeb

The toys department of Warenhaus Loeb in Bern, Switzerland not only launches a brand new design concept but also an exciting new activity: Young artists can color their own fish and bring them to life in a large-scaled virtual fish tank.

This new highlight is called ›paint2life‹ and sweetens the visit of the toys department in a special way: At first, the children choose one of four painting templates. The choice is made between a fish, a dolphin, a sea horse or a jellyfish. They can then color the animal as they like and can also add funny stickers.

The magic starts at the creator box: After inserting the colored template and pushing the blinking button, a new animal friend gets born into the virtual fish tank! It greets the children and joins its companions in the glittering underwater world.

The aquatic animals react to touch-less interaction and can be fed by opening the sunken treasure chest.

The interactive aquarium based on a large-scaled display was properly integrated into the room and therefore completes the coherent design of the toys department.

We thank Movingposter AG from Switzerland for the chance to realize this exciting project!

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