complete package floor projectionCharlie's personal recommendation: fun, activity, exploration now comes in one package. A great casual game station and interactive playground for waiting areas and kids corners in shops, bank offices and malls. 

Unbreakable, because all technology is placed out of reach at the ceiling, while action takes place on the projected floor. Maximum attraction with minimum effort on installation. 

Great technology includes 2 out of 5 available content packages. Make your choice now!

Our "fun" package is the best choice for your entertainment!


This interactive soccer match is a classic. Play off your opponent and score a goal!

candy game - 1 player

You can’t always be this lucky: it’s raining candy – but not all of them are tasty. You better catch the right color.

candy game - 2 player version

Play the candy game against a friend. Who catches more candy?


It’s never too late to make it as a concert pianist and acrobat. Dance your first melody on the virtual piano. 


Pedestrians have priority! Put obstacles in the driving cars’ way and discover that their surprising free will. Whatever happens: no one’s gonna get past you!

coral reef

With coral reef you get 2 aquarium highlights in one game: a 3D-coral reef and the funny animated fish.

package "action" means sports, activity and excitement!

air hockey

Use your reflexes to keep your goal clean. Challenge your opponent with smart counterattacks. Attention: don’t get addicted!


You’ve entered the pinball stadium! Make the bullets collide in twos and clean the pitch. Careful! Especially at the beginning it gets messy. 


These frogs seem to be pretty disoriented. Save them by helping them find the way to the well. Each frog gives a point. 


This is how how real fairy dust feels! Conjure whirlpools, colorful explosions, and astronomical particle clouds on the floor, the table or the wall. 

dolphins & shark

Flipper and his whole family want to play with you. But…who’s that surprise guest? Are you sure the hammerhead shark just wants to play?

formula 1

In this formula 1 racing game you steer a real horsepower beast! Overcome all the obstacles, and get past your rivals to win the race.

waiting time is "kids club" time


Are you in the mood for fun times at the beach? Charlie and his friends are waiting for you. Get into the virtual waters and play with them!


Big bubble, no trouble! In each bubble you will find a surprise…if you can make them pop!


Let’s go out into the open countryside, and on greenfield sites where butterflies romp about, flowers bloom, and you can find all sorts of little creatures. Tickle the ladybugs’ bellys. It will make them giggle. 


In mosaic you’re the gust of wind that scatters the cards in all directions. Discover the fantastic colorful world of images. 

ball pit

All children love big ball pit. Jump in, it‘s full to the brim! 

want more? go on "extra tour" for exciting games and contents!


Painting with a cosmic touch. Fill the space with amazing and lively color and shape combinations. Fun guaranteed!

koi pond

Interactive fish pond fun with valuable koi carps for young and old! 

ice hockey

Chase the puck across the ice and play a heated match on frozen ground. But please – no body checks! 


Get ready for Wimbledon! Game, set, and match!


Great fun for a blue sky summer. Activate the turbines and dive into the colorful world of windmills!

Let the “table top” games begin!

The additional “table top” package consists of two popular classics, developed especially for playing at a table. For optimum results, ask for the optionally available depth sense camera sensor.


Find the pairs before the other player does!


A retro classic rediscovered! Zenzo plays a sequence of notes – you will repeat it. At first it’s easy but how long are you gonna be able to follow?

charlie is bringing you everything you need for a great attraction

  • is bringing fun and activity to healthcare waiting areas, kids corners in shops, public spaces, hospitality and indoor playgrounds 
  • high quality interactive floor projection games, ready to play, to be installed at ceilings between 2,2 m and 4,0 m
  • when mounted in 3,0 m height projected image is 2,5 m x 1,5 m 
  • 2 out of 5 content package are included, more can be upgraded at any time later
  • contains a powerful, professional video projector 4500 lumens for crispy projections under artificial light
  • having a white table to spare? place it under the box to create an interactive game table!
  • short delivery times
  • all components placed at the ceiling out of reach
  • advantage package based on original technology ›living surface‹
  • contains instructions, mounting solution, video projector, pc, sensor and 2 game packages
  • telephone support for mounting included
  • ask for a quotation, call +49 221 222 802 0 or send us an e-mail now!
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