Welcome to the wonderful world of ›paint2life‹ where paintings come to life and the boundaries between reality and the virtual world blur.

By coloring our funny sea animals, little artists can demonstrate their unlimited creativity. Then, at the touch of a button, the paintings are sent to the life-sized virtual aquarium where they come to life. The creatures are able to move around and react to the kids. The children can play with and even feed them! The sketch aquarium is available in various sizes and can be installed on walls, tables, counters, and floors.


1 - coloring

The little artists choose one of the available animal motifs and sketch and color it the way they like. Funny stickers and glittery elements can also be used.

2 - scanning

The scanning is super easy! Just put the colored template into the ›creator box‹; pushing the button then sends the fish into the aquarium’s exciting underwater world. The kids can take their colored page home as a souvenir.

3 - bringing to life

After pushing the scanning button, the colorful fish appears in the aquarium. Accompanied by a flashy light animation, it greets the little artist. It then joins the other sea creatures and starts exploring its new home.

›paint2life‹ is available for any use case in the suitable size

With display, projector or video wall: The exciting possibilities of ›paint2life‹ inspire young and old. The underlying technology ensures a reliable, low-maintenance and long-lasting use for all configurations.

Choose from our product bundles the suitable size for your use case and budget!

our clients create a unique highlight using ›paint2life‹ at:

  • medical waiting areas at the doctor's office, clinics and therapy facilities
  • indoor playgrounds, leisure parks, museums, zoos, aquariums and public pools
  • family hotels, luxury resorts and cruise ships
  • shopping malls and retail
  • public waiting areas, e. g. at administrative offices
  • restaurants, food courts and lounges at airports
  • temporary as an exhibition highlight
paint2life in Heinz Nixdorf Forum
display with 1,9 m diagonal
paint2life with projector
ultra short throw projector with 5000 ANSI lumens
paint2life with 75" display
display with 1,9 m diagonal
interactive drawing fun in public pool
video wall with four displays in adventure pool, approx. 4,8 m x 0,7 m
seamless tripple projection, approx. 5,6 x 1,2 m (photo taken at Valamar Diamant Hotel & Residence)
paint2life on large video wall at the swimming pool
video wall with eight displays in adventure pool, approx. 4,8 m x 1,4 m

NEW: coloring world butterflies for ›paint2life‹ is here!

A warm welcome to Willi, Freddy and Tilda, the inhabitants of the new butterfly experience world!

All three have a mind of their own. Real character types! But their appearance - as is to be expected with ›paint2life‹ - follows only the imagination of the visitors. The templates can be colored in all shapes and colors and brought to life and played with. Just press the scan button on the magic creator box!

The butterfly world is available now as an upgrade for all existing and newly delivered units of ›paint2life‹.

how can I integrate ›paint2life‹?

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