make your paintings come alive

Welcome to the wonderful world of ›paint2life‹ where paintings come to life and the boundaries between reality and the virtual world blur.

By coloring our funny sea animals, little artists can demonstrate their unlimited creativity. Then, at the touch of a button, the paintings are sent to the life-sized virtual aquarium where they come to life. The creatures are able to move around and react to the kids. The children can play with and even feed them! The sketch aquarium is available in various sizes and can be installed on walls, tables, counters, and floors.

1 - coloring

The little artists choose one of the available animal motifs and sketch and color it the way they like. Funny stickers and glittery elements can also be used.

2 - scanning

The scanning is super easy! Just put the coloring page onto the table; pushing the button then sends the fish into the aquarium’s exciting underwater world. The kids can take their coloring page home as a souvenir.

3 - bringing to live

After pushing the scanning button, the colorful fish appears in the aquarium. Accompanied by a flashy light animation, it greets the little artist. It then joins the other sea creatures and starts exploring its new home.

4 - playing

Now the playing begins! The fish react to their little creators and follow their fingers. Colorful animations, joyful noises and charming little dances accompany the interaction.

5 - feeding

If the little artists want to feed their cute fish, they can either touch the treasure chest or scan the fish food from a piece of paper.

6 - printing

As a souvenir, each artist receives a print-out of their fish with their name on it. (optional extra feature)

›paint2life‹ is available for any location in a fitting size

›paint2life‹ is available for any location and any budget.

Choose from our packages to find the size which suits you best. With a flat screen, video wall, or projection: every configuration contains the reliable ›paint2life‹ hard- and software, which ensures entertainment for young and old.

where to use ›paint2life‹ best

›paint2life‹ provides fun and entertainment for children in

  • waiting areas of hospitals, medical practices and therapy centers
  • indoor playgrounds, amusement parks, museums, zoos, aquariums and pools.
  • shopping malls, furniture stores and shops
  • luxury resorts, hotels and on cruise ships
  • waiting areas in public facilities like administration offices or municipal services
  • restaurants, food courts and airport lounges

…or as a temporary exhibition highlight

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