living poster
attract & inform

Innovative two-step interaction combines entertainment and information:

  • step1-attraction: Interactive pictures attract the attention of observers, a camera enables the display to respond to people passing by.
  • step2-information: At the approach of passers-by, the display changes smoothly from ambient entertainment to infotainment, advertising messages or product details can then be queried using the touch function.
  • sunlight readable, particularly well suited for bright surroundings
  • easy to transport
  • comes in single- or double-sided models, with screens on back and front
  • ideal for the POS, at trade fairs or events, in hotels and information areas or as out-of-home media 
  • ›living poster‹ is based on our ›living surface software‹
  • there are a large number of standard effects available it is easy to replace the pictures in these effects with your own range of images or advertising content
  • supports content playlists
  • any number of systems can be networked
  • brilliant 3-D graphics
  • extremely fast real time response is guaranteed to excite everybody
  • upon request, customized effects can be programmed at little cost
  • updates of effects and games make it easy to extend an existing ›living surface‹ installation
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