›living wall‹
brings your walls to life!

›living wall‹ by vertigo systems, the captivating highlight of every room will bring architecture to life and puts a smile on your visitors faces:

  • attractive eye-catcher at trade fairs, live events and promotional campaigns
  • natural, appealing and playful interaction
  • available for purchase and short term rental
  • „content is king“ – choose from a wide range of available interactive content or use the numerous available effect apps to create your individual branded content
  • leading technology for virtual aquariums with realistic underwater worlds
  • interior design element mixing the world of lighting and digital media, ideal for flagship stores, private clinics, lounges and corporate showrooms
  • stage like installation that integrates perfectly in theme parks, water attractions, spas, science center, museums and other public venues
  • impressive picture quality created with videowall flatscreens or seamlessly by using video projectors
  • works touchfree and is thus robust, requires little maintenance


product versions of
›living wall‹

›living wall‹ is available in different product versions. All of them are offered for purchase and for short term rental:

  • ›living surface in a box‹ is the modular all-in-one solution for professsional ceiling intallations
  • thin bezel flatscreen videowalls will unload the full potential of the ultra high definition capabilities of ›living surface‹, ›living wall‹ and ›living aquarium‹ will impress the visitor with extremely naturalistic and brilliant interactive content 
  • shopping window in bright environment come to live with ›living wall‹ bundled with high brightness LED-display
  • „any surface“ are interactive light tattoos projected on structured surfaces (plastered walls, brick walls, timber) - a very artistic option of ›living wall‹
  • vertigo systems is your competent partner for technology and content for individual setups and building integration 

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Visit the section showcases to see ›living wall‹ in action in different business sectors. 

›living surface‹ is the leading technology from vertigo systems for life-size, touchless-interactive surfaces. It is the technical platform for all our interactive products for floors, walls and tables:

  • real-time motion detection with touch-free-camerasensor
  • 24/7 system design, used worldwide
  • fast reaction for maximum experience
  • ›living wall‹ is optionally available with 2-stage interactivity :pass-by and front-of-screen
  • brilliant real-time-3D-graphics, scalable resolution up to 16 megapixels and 8 projectors
  • upgradeable with many effect apps, games and contents
  • upload your own logos, product pictures and visuals to the interactive effect apps an create individual interactive advertising
  • remote system management
  • vertigo systems is a one-stop solution provider for consultation, technology, on-site-services and content production
  • no monthly software license fees
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