living surface - beyond HD: Imagine an interactive digital experience that combines a megapixel display of impressive screen size and superb image resolution with real-time interactive digital content at an extremely high level of detail - far beyond HD. ›vertigo systems‹ is now bundling their new cutting edge 3d software ›living surface beyond HD‹ with the latest innovation in high resolution tiles display technology. The result is a unique interactive virtual reality system that is setting a new landmark.

Key features:

  • sensational 3D-content in multi-mega-pixel resolution for real-time interaction with an unlimited number of users
  • the interactive tiles display can be built in any shape, any size and any resolution
  • amazing colours from any viewing angle even in high brightness environments

›living surface - beyond HD‹ software system

Interactive high resolution content

  • the ›living surface - beyond HD‹ software system creates spectacular interactive content at multi-mega-pixel resolution with lively contents you can touch, experience and play around with. Our digital creatures swim, hop or fly, always responding to the movements of all persons participating
  • by using a high speed tracking system the content is reacting in real-time to multiple users

Variety of effects

  • unlimited possibilities of effects including interactive virtual nature, advertisement and abstract visual worlds
  • we can even design effects especially for your needs or develop a brand new effect according to your imagination

award-winning display technology

Form factor of the display

  • any shape, any size: the modular building block design of our new display technology allows to build high resolution displays of any size and shape by plugging small display units together
  • seamless surfaces: 1mm ultra-thin seam between tiles to create a virtually seamless digital canvas
  • superresolution experience: the first display working from 20m down to 2cm viewing distance
  • Quality of the megapixel display: super fine pixels; spectacular colours from any viewing angle; automatic colour and brightness matching; suitable for high ambient light environments

Traditionally, it has always been hard to find technology that is capable to feed high resolution displays with suitable digital content. Now, ›vertigo systems‹ filled the gap and developed a unique software technology to create interactive superresolution content.

As the first company worldwide ›vertigo systems‹ realised an interactive 4,5 meter tiles wall with 24 megapixel resolution. Find out more about the latest innovation in high resolution display technology and our unique superresolution interactive virtual reality system that is setting a new landmark: ›living surface - beyond HD‹

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