›living ocean‹

›living ocean‹ is a unique and interactive underwater world that impressively and in great detail depicts the diverse life in a coral reef.

Whether it‘s clownfish defending their anemone, a puffer fish puffing away or colorful reef inhabitants forming schools: The 3D coral reef offers exciting highlights, some of which only reveal themselves upon closer inspection.

The ›living ocean‹ reef is an interactive experience, the viewer does not remain passive, but becomes an actor by interacting with the sea creatures. The creatures react to movements and the fingers of the persons.


  • photorealistic real-time simulation through physics-based light calculation

  • brilliant details due to ultra-high resolution up to 18 megapixels (9 x Full HD)

  • depending on the time of day, the fish population on the reef and the light mood change due to the position of the sun
  • available for 4K displays, LED walls, multi-display walls or projectors for different budgets and sizes


    • interactive design element for banks, yachts, medical practices, pharmacies, clinics and other high-end interiors
    • high-end entertainment for theme parks, museums and exhibitions
    • virtual alternative to high-maintenance and cost-intensive real aquariums

      camera angles

      • the standard version of ›living ocean‹ offers a fixed camera perspective and shows the action in the reef from the side.
      • the premium version includes a dynamic camera position. In addition to the selection of different camera angles, the „Follow Fish“ feature offers the possibility to follow the fish through the underwater world and experience the action up close. This creates the feeling of exploring the reef as a diver yourself.
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