pepino – interactive light

pepino is a magic and interactive lamp, forming the next level of lighting design.

It combines people's action and animated objects on tables, floors and bars by infrared tracking and creates fantastic graphics in real-time.

pepino comes with a great variety of content with fishes & aquariums, abstract graphics and games as a highlight in gastronomy, entertainment and advertising.

You will generate also a higher recall value with the optional integration of a customer logo. 


  • eye-catching interactive lighting design for your location!
  • be the talk of the town– your unique selling point– for which you will be envied from your competitors!
  • new every day– the great variety of effects allows a new design or new advertisement, which will impress your customers on a daily basis! 

how it works

pepino is an interactive lamp with built-in IR-camera sensor which is tracking hand movements and objects on a given surface. The system responds to all activity and objects on the surface and creates  attractive animated graphics in real-time.

  • comes with a great variety of content with fishes & aquariums, abstract graphics and games – all customizable with logo
  • can be projected on tables, floors and bars
  • two versions are available for any situation: wide-angle lens for big surfaces, standard lens for high installations
  • Plug & play: compact all-in-one device including all technical equipment required Ready-to-work, just power connection needed 
  • mountable like any conventional pendant design lamp
  • selectable lamp shade size, colour and design
  • software on basis of “living surface”– the market leader of interactive surfaces


pepino creates amazing and outstanding entertainment for young and old and imparts information with fantastic graphics and games for

  • showrooms, company foyers, car dealerships
  • museums, shops and medical practices



This ingenious and eye-catching light will create atmosphere and scenery and upgrade your location in

  • all waiting areas at hotels, lounges, shops and medical practices
  • the gastronomy sector at bars, restaurants and clubs


pepino is the tool to gain reliable high recall effects on your advertising messages and raises awareness for

  • trade fairs, events, promotions
  • point-of-sale, flagship stores
  • bars, clubs, restaurants, shops
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