living surface ist highly customisable

The effect-apps in ›living surface‹ are organised in stackable layers. 

›living surface‹ sets new standards in the field of realtime interaction. The impressive graphical performance is based on the effect library which is included in our software. Our developers have uncompromisingly fitted up every effect with a maximum of speed and diversity. Our hardware-based 3D graphics programming includes the expertise of more then 10 years of experience in the fields of virtual reality and computer graphics. The effect libraries of living surface include technologies, like e.g.:

  • 3D Real Time Rendering,
  • 3D Particle Animation and 3D-Shader,
  • 3D-Sound,
  • HD-Movie-Textures,
  • Realtime Physics-Animation und
  • Artificial Life.

›living surface‹ is making extended use of hardware acceleration found in selected PC-systems. It runs on Linux, the preferred operating system for internet web servers. Stability and performance of >living surface< are legendary and proven by hundreds of installations worldwide. 

Contact us now for more information on the leading software for touchless interactive surfaces made in Germany.

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