›charlie's interactive playground‹ big fun on every floor or table

complete package floor projectionCharlie's personal recommendation: fun, activity, exploration now comes in one package. A great casual game station and interactive playground for waiting areas and kids corners in shops, bank offices and malls. 

Unbreakable, because all technology is placed out of reach at the ceiling, while action takes place on the projected floor. Maximum attraction with minimum effort on installation. 

Great technology includes 2 out of 5 available content packages. Make your choice now!

Our "fun" package is the best choice for your entertainment!

package "action" means sports, activity and excitement!

waiting time is "kids club" time

want more? go on "extra tour" for exciting games and contents!

Let the “table top” games begin!

The additional “table top” package consists of two popular classics, developed especially for playing at a table. For optimum results, ask for the optionally available depth sense camera sensor.

charlie is bringing you everything you need for a great attraction

  • is bringing fun and activity to healthcare waiting areas, kids corners in shops, public spaces, hospitality and indoor playgrounds 
  • high quality interactive floor projection games, ready to play, to be installed at ceilings between 2,2 m and 4,0 m
  • when mounted in 3,0 m height projected image is 2,5 m x 1,5 m 
  • 2 out of 5 content package are included, more can be upgraded at any time later
  • contains a powerful, professional video projector 4500 lumens for crispy projections under artificial light
  • having a white table to spare? place it under the box to create an interactive game table!
  • short delivery times
  • all components placed at the ceiling out of reach
  • advantage package based on original technology ›living surface‹
  • contains instructions, mounting solution, video projector, pc, sensor and 2 game packages
  • telephone support for mounting included
  • ask for a quotation, call +49 221 222 802 0 or send us an e-mail now!
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