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›living vitrine‹
3D illusion - combination of virtual objects with real objects

›living vitrine‹ enables virtual 3D objects to float in space without the need of 3D glasses. Use the vitrine to present physical products like mobile phones, jewellery and the latest gadgets with magic overlays of free floating 3D animated illustrations. This allows to display virtual information and video clips floating, dancing and weaving around the real object. ›living vitrine‹ can be upgraded with interactivity to maximize people’s attention and to charge the presentation at the point of sale with even more emotion.

›living vitrine‹ comes in two sizes and is now available for purchase. Our content development team will be happy to develop and produce high quality 3D content that will perfectly document the specific character of your real product. Don’t hesitate to contact us for details.

Interactive lounge design
An innovative design concept for OVAL Karlsruhe, Germany

›Oval‹ is the name and the main design idea behind this new trendy cocktail bar in Karlsruhe, Germany. An elliptic floor and an oval-shaped bar table are rounded off by two fascinating interactive oval projections powered by ›living surface‹. Come in and enjoy a distinctive and stylish lounge atmosphere. A new place to be for selected live music events and a great choice of international cocktails.

the interactive aquarium
with rich digital biodiversity

The interactive fish pond is the all-time favourite selection of our customers. Did you know that this effect can be ordered with a choice of 15 different sea creatures and a large collection of background images?

›living surface‹ combines high quality animations, a sophisticated artificial life engine and a reliable infrared gesture sensor to deliver a unique interactive experience. The fish show fascinatingly naturalistic behaviour. Depending on their specific character they either prefer to flee from the viewer or they follow him. Schools of fish are chasing each other, swimming amongst the plants hanging out and enjoy the day!

Thanks to true 3D-graphics you always have the freedom to switch the viewer’s perspective between top view and side view. This way, the fish pond will equally work for interactive ground projections on the floor as for aquarium-like setups on the wall.

Another great feature of ›living surface‹ is the built-in multiscreen option that allows to create large virtual aquariums with multiple bull’s-eyes. Contact us now for your individual configuration of the interactive aquarium.

Experienceable health solutions in an expressive ambience

sanofi-aventis chose a new fresh way to welcome their guests to a corporate event in The Westing Hotel in the heart of Leipzig. 4 branded interactive floor projections paved the way to the hotel’s reception counter. The interactive floor projections perfectly underlined the aesthetic elegance of the lobby and made a great contribution to the unique atmosphere of this special event.

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