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Virtual aquarium, simply that interactive design highlight!

Do you look for that certain something for your next project or order? Is an eye-catcher missing, which is as well functional and unique?


Dear Reader

An interactive aquarium is the solution and inspires young and old!
The aquarium can serve as an attractive design element that creates atmosphere and scenery and upgrades every room. Or it is an exceptional entertainment media and visitors can interact with it, touch or feed safely fish and rare sea creatures.

The aquarium is available in different sizes for floor, wall, table and counter and can be upgraded with many additional effects. It works via video animation that will be projected on the floor and a camera system recognizes the interaction.

Individual logos or animations of your customers can be involved and guarantee a unique selling point that will be soon talk of the town.

Discover more details!

Click here to see the video clip for the interactive 3D aquarium.


We are looking forward to present you your optimal solution in our showroom.

Kind regards from Cologne

Anita Wiebe


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