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living surface - newsletter 12/2017

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Extension for ›living aquarium‹ creates even more fun!
Convince yourself of the new ›learn & play‹ effect upgrade!

animated fish in the interactive aquarium interactive aquarium interactive edutainment ›learn & play‹

The rich interactive underwater world ›living aquarium‹ fascinates and excites young and old. Imagine your guests and vistors discovering and experiencing details of the sea dwellers in a playful way.

This idea has now become a reality with the new edutainment effect upgrade ›learn & play‹. Now, fish & friends surprise their admirers by presenting their name and further interesting details in a magic way just with a wave of the hand.

This is how zoos, aquariums, museums as well as waiting areas in healthcare can create an outstanding learning experience for their guests!

Make use of ›learn & play‹ to create an innovative and unique attraction! ›learn & play‹ is optimzed for table, floor and wall installation and can be customized with your individual content! Have a try and convince yourself! Learn more about ›learn & play‹ and visit our showroom!

Take a look at the impressive video showing ›learn & play‹!

Please don’t hesitate to contact us now! We will be happy to provide further information.

Invasion of the bats at Zoo Antwerp

projection of the bat cave reconstruction of the Kitum cave in Zoo Antwerp animated bats in interactive projection

The Kitum Cave in the Mount Elgon National Park is the most well-known among the famous elephant caves. The massive animals enter the caves to perform a kind of mining. They use their tusks to scratch the salty rock from the inside walls of the cave. Being accustomed the low sodium diet of the jungle, salt is a delicous delicacy for them.

The new attraction in the Zoo Antwerp demonstrates all the rich aspects of animal life in the African caves. Same as in the original example, large colonies of bats reside on the ceilings. Thanks to the technology of ›living surface‹ the belgium virtual represantation of the original bats colony is showing the same behaviour when visitors interrupt their rest. They fly around wildly until the intruder will either hit the rock or will stumble over virtual insects shown by the interactive floor projection.

vertigo systems was responsible for both interactive installations including the original technology ›living surface‹ and custom 3D content development services.

See the videoclip of the Kitum Cave experience !

Contact us now for your individual realisation!

Zoo Antwerp website

Outburst of interactive mud volcano at EXPO 2017 in Astana

interactive floor projection at international pavillon, EXPO 2017 interactive floor projection international pavillon, EXPO 2017 Kazakhstan

Azerbaijan's exhibition pavillon is filled with exciting installations that made it listed in the top 5 of most famous pavillons at EXPO 2017 in Astana, Kazakhstan.

One of the most engaging installations is an interactive simulation of mud volcanos - a nature phenomenon of „cold volcanism“ that can be found in specific regions of Azerbaijan. The company facts&fiction contracted L2 Atelier and vertigo systems in Cologne to create a stunningly realistic experience of virtual volcanism in the safe and clean environment of the pavillon. In this installation, visitors walk over a floor-projected mud area and trigger small outbursts of virtual volcanos with each and every footstep.

Please start the video clip to see the installation live in action.

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