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›living surface‹
    life-size interactivity

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Kids' paintings come to life and the boundaries between reality and the virtual world blur.

›living ocean‹

dive into a deceptively real, interactive underwater world! ›living ocean‹ is an incredibly photorealistic virtual world with numerous highlights.

›living floor‹

immerse into the magical world of the interactive floor. Bespoke solutions and attractive complete packages available. Check out new charlie's playground and engage young and old.

›living wall‹

use our touch-free interactive wall elements to design fascinating architectural environments with vivid interior media facades.

›living aquarium‹

dive into breathtaking interactive simulations of submarine life. amazingly realistic and scalable in size.


imagine a design lamp that projects interactive worlds on any table surface.

A whole new world is now available for ›paint2life‹ to color in. Meet the three butterflies Willi, Freddy and Tilda!

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Charlie, our very own expert for interactive fun recommends ›charlie's playground‹!

24 brand new games combined with high-power projection hardware for floor or table.

It was never that easy to bring fun and excitement to waiting areas or indoor playing rooms!

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Our InterActivator® is the compact solution for your mobile tour. Take a look on how to make any event, road show or promotion unique, without too much effort!

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Interactive projection ›living floor‹ sets the mood for 300 years of German digital history

On 23.03.2023, #DeutschlandDigital, the new temporary exhibition at the Haus der Geschichte in Bonn, was ceremoniously opened. The digital revolution has triggered a radical, irreversible change that encompasses all areas of life. The current exhibition invites visitors to explore the history of digitalisation in Germany with its diverse international references. The exhibition kicks off with an interactively animated ›living floor‹ projection surface. Here, visitors immerse themselves in the binary number world that has come to life digitally using the original manuscript of the mathematician Leibniz from 1697 - the origin of digitization in Germany!

Waterpark LEUZE on the banks of the Neckar River in Stuttgart has a new attraction

The Stuttgart LEUZE children's area is the first in Germany to realize the idea of a holistic learning environment with an educational concept within a swimming pool hall. A family- and child-friendly pool within a pool, only for children up to about seven years of age and with a total area of 600 square meters. This world of experience has now been enriched by the novel and imaginative attraction ›paint2life‹.

›paint2life‹ in the children's world at Warenhaus Loeb

The toys department of Warenhaus Loeb in Bern, Switzerland not only launches a brand new design concept but also an exciting new activity: Young artists can color their own fish and bring them to life in a large-scaled virtual fish tank.

Maro welcomes you to „smart play“ in the Valamar Diamant hotel

The Valamar Diamant hotel in Poreč, Croatia is a popular destination for sports fans and families. A highlight for children is the „Maro Smart Play“ area, which is built around interactive games created by vertigo systems.

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