Our "fun" package is the best choice for your entertainment!


This interactive soccer match is a classic. Play off your opponent and score a goal!

candy game - 1 player

You can’t always be this lucky: it’s raining candy – but not all of them are tasty. You better catch the right color.

candy game - 2 player version

Play the candy game against a friend. Who catches more candy?


It’s never too late to make it as a concert pianist and acrobat. Dance your first melody on the virtual piano. 


Pedestrians have priority! Put obstacles in the driving cars’ way and discover that their surprising free will. Whatever happens: no one’s gonna get past you!

coral reef

With coral reef you get 2 aquarium highlights in one game: a 3D-coral reef and the funny animated fish.

Image ratio of all packages is 16:10.

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