package "action" means sports, activity and excitement!

air hockey

Use your reflexes to keep your goal clean. Challenge your opponent with smart counterattacks. Attention: don’t get addicted!


You’ve entered the pinball stadium! Make the bullets collide in twos and clean the pitch. Careful! Especially at the beginning it gets messy. 


These frogs seem to be pretty disoriented. Save them by helping them find the way to the well. Each frog gives a point. 


This is how how real fairy dust feels! Conjure whirlpools, colorful explosions, and astronomical particle clouds on the floor, the table or the wall. 

dolphins & shark

Flipper and his whole family want to play with you. But…who’s that surprise guest? Are you sure the hammerhead shark just wants to play?

formula 1

In this formula 1 racing game you steer a real horsepower beast! Overcome all the obstacles, and get past your rivals to win the race.

Image ratio of all packages is 16:10.

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