biodiverCITY interactive discovery in the royal belgium institute of natural science

Cross the street, dig into the earth, look at gardens and fallow land. Then pass by the railway verge and you will cross the path of the hedgehog or the fox, examine life below the earth, follow the butterflies’ flight, plant trees and flowers...?

The citiy is, often unexpectedly, full of animal life and vegetation. Come and discover BiodiverCITY, a brand new permanent gallery at the Museum. Specimens, photos, films and interactives help to explain what the biodiversity in the city entails and what is at stake.

In this new city adventure, ›living surface‹ with its built-in artificial life engine is powering a large interactive floor projection that allows the visitors to explore the effects of tending parks and gardens and the balance between the species. Are you ready to take the right decisions and measures to improve the city’s biodiversity?



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