›living aquarium‹ interactive aquarium for floor, wall or table

  • Inside the interactive virtual aquarium fish, water and other genuine sea creatures react to any of movements of a person.
  • It is a lot of fun to play with the fish. If touched the fish try to escape or follow the movements of a person.
  • The aquarium is available in various sizes for floor, wall, table, bar, counter.
  • The 3D aquarium can be individually designed. There is a huge selection of realistic 3D fish, cartoon fish and special creatures such as mermaid, dolphin, shark, etc. which you will not find in a real aquarium. All creatures behave very realistically.
  • You can always change the set of fish, choose other living environments and integrate your own logos, images or adverts into the aquarium.

Create a highlight at your location with our virtual interactive aquarium!

types of aquariums

aquarium on floor

By interacting with fish and water on the ›living floor‹ people become part of the underwater world.

aquarium on wall

Even from a distance The ›living wall‹ invites people to interact playfully with the 3D animated fish. The ›living wall‹ represents the optimum crowd puller.

aquarium on table

The ›living table‹ gives the viewer the opportunity to get even closer to the underwater world and to interact with it.

aquarium on bar/counter

The ›living bar‹ is the ideal attention-getter and a playful way to easily get acquainted. The marine life will react to peoples’ hands and objects placed on the bar

aquarium for painting

›paint2life‹ is a special configuration of our aquarium and makes it possible for young (and old) artists to color the animals and release them into the submarine world!


  • A virtual aquarium has a high cost advantage over a real aquarium, especially if you compare the total cost including the initial investment and the recurring cost of maintenance and operation
  • A virtual aquarium requires no care, maintenance or feeding.
  • The virtual aquarium can be customized, enhanced and changed without any construction work.



  • For entertainment in waiting rooms in medical practices
  • As a design element in restaurants, hotels, bars
  • As an eye catcher for your home


  • Projected onto the floor, wall, table, counter, bar
  • One or more interconnected displays
  • LED walls or floors


  • There are numerous effects at low cost that can be displayed as a variation to the aquarium
  • These range from an interactive meadow with butterflies to advertisement content with own image, logos or movies

›learn & play‹

  • ›learn & play‹ is our new edutainment effect that makes fun! Just watching is outdated- now visitors can experience and learn! Try edutainment at its best!
  • When you touch a specific fish or sea creature, it will present its name and other interesting details. 

video ›learn & play‹

content examples - top view

content examples - side view

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