›living elevator‹

Elevator rides are not boring anymore. ›living elevator‹ is the new upgrade for any existing or brand-new elevator to deliver vertical motion rides through inspiring virtual worlds. One or more flat screens inside the elevator cabin serve as a window to a giant
fish tank, the skyline of a megacity or the panoramic view into an undiscovered nature reserve. The computer graphics unit of ›living elevator‹ is precisely synchronized with the position data of the elevator control system so that the virtual view will be 100% in line with the speed and position of the elevator. This way, wasted time becomes quality time. 

›living elevator‹ is available now in teamwork with your elevator builder. vertigo systems GmbH will provide your contract partner with the required equipment and technical specifications in order to provide a perfect custom solution for your specific real estate project. 

›living elevator‹ is available as an upgrade to existing elevators and for entirely new projects. 

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