InterActivator® – The interactive highlight for your promotion tour

The InterActivator® is a mobile projection box which creates the ›living floor‹, a magical and interactive floor projection. The InterActivator® is ideal for temporary and permanently promotions for advertising at the point of sale, at trade fairs or in clubs. Furthermore it is a perfect playbox for interactive kids entertainment in waiting rooms, playgrounds or as an attractive design element.

The mobile plug & play solution in version 2.0 was optimized with rolls and a very low weight, so there are no obstacles for a planned promotion.  

The InterActivator® does not need expensive ceiling installation, it can be mounted and plugged in simply at the heart of action and the required content runs!

Best of all, it also works in bright surroundings!

Plenty of effects are already available which offer countless customization options for your advertising purpose.

High impact guaranteed - market research proof a raise of customer awareness of more than 90% by using the InterActivator®.

  • Plug & Play: The InterActivator® is easily setup through plug and play
  • Mobility: The box is mobile and can therefore be easily used for e.g. promotional events at different locations
  • Small size: The InterActivator® is of small size, which requires only very little space in a shop. Additional promotional material can be placed just on top of the box
  • Effects and games: The InterActivator® uses our famous ›living surfaces‹ software. There is a huge selection of pre-made effects and interactive games that you can customize with your own images,videos and logos to create your own interactive advertisement
  • Advertisement impact: An interactive advertising space generates a much higher memory effect than conventional media
  • Cost-effective: The InterActivator® is a cost saving alternative to expensive ceiling installations usually used to create interactive floors

Technical data:

  • Projection size: about 1,6 x 1 m
  • projector brightness: 3.500 ANSI-Lumen
  • Size of box: Height is 67 cm, width is 44 cm and depth is only 29 cm

Individual color version

  • standard color is white
  • other color versions are available on request
  • individual foil prints can be provided on request
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