everybody loves stories
…and we tell them. But in an entirely new way!

vertigo systems specializes in creating digital illusions using the latest 3D virtual reality technology. We offer our customers exclusive virtual reality productions for trade fairs, exhibitions, events and permanent installations. The content ranges across the entire spectrum, from interactive games to themed environments up to artistic projects. Our competence covers everything from custom-tailored software to full service solutions.
Our presentations focus on telling interactive digital stories. This "digital storytelling" brings together virtual 3D worlds to create a dramatic whole. Innovative interaction concepts enable visitors to take an active part in shaping the virtual phenomena in a natural way.

Another focal point of our work is the research and development in the field of virtual reality software. The tools and methods that evolve out of this work also find applications in industrial environments. By constantly continuing to develop the software environment, we are able to offer ever more complex and fascinating content. Our R&D work has gained international recognition and is sponsored by the German federal government and the EU.

We are a spin-off of FhG ((Fraunhofer Gesellschaft) zur Förderung der angewandten Forschung e. V (company to promote applied research) and were founded in June of 1999.

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