Interactive ocean simulation at the Montauk Oceans Institute on Long Island

At the Montauk Oceans Institute, run by the Montauk Historical Society in a lighthouse on the eastern tip of Long Island in the US state of New York, visitors can experience the local oceanic ecosystem up close and immersively. A life-size video wall measuring 5.2m x 1.4m shows the underwater world of the offshore North Atlantic as a real-time simulation in breathtaking detail of 8192 x 3840 pixels.

Interactive projection ›living floor‹ sets the mood for 300 years of German digital history

On 23.03.2023, #DeutschlandDigital, the new temporary exhibition at the Haus der Geschichte in Bonn, was ceremoniously opened. The digital revolution has triggered a radical, irreversible change that encompasses all areas of life. The current exhibition invites visitors to explore the history of digitalisation in Germany with its diverse international references. The exhibition kicks off with an interactively animated ›living floor‹ projection surface. Here, visitors immerse themselves in the binary number world that has come to life digitally using the original manuscript of the mathematician Leibniz from 1697 - the origin of digitization in Germany!

Waterpark LEUZE on the banks of the Neckar River in Stuttgart has a new attraction

The Stuttgart LEUZE children's area is the first in Germany to realize the idea of a holistic learning environment with an educational concept within a swimming pool hall. A family- and child-friendly pool within a pool, only for children up to about seven years of age and with a total area of 600 square meters. This world of experience has now been enriched by the novel and imaginative attraction ›paint2life‹.

›paint2life‹ in the children's world at Warenhaus Loeb

The toys department of Warenhaus Loeb in Bern, Switzerland not only launches a brand new design concept but also an exciting new activity: Young artists can color their own fish and bring them to life in a large-scaled virtual fish tank.

Maro welcomes you to „smart play“ in the Valamar Diamant hotel

The Valamar Diamant hotel in Poreč, Croatia is a popular destination for sports fans and families. A highlight for children is the „Maro Smart Play“ area, which is built around interactive games created by vertigo systems.

Interactive aquarium as a place for social gathering in the nursing home

The ›living aquarium‹, developed by vertigo systems and installed by Pro Interaktiv, is the new place for relaxation and sociability at the nursing home „Ellen Marie“ in Gilleleje, Denmark.

robots explore interactive worlds at the German Museum of Technology

At the (part of German Museum of Technology) children are given the chance to program small robots and teach them how to find their way through an interactive arena. This is made possible with a special configuration of ›living surface‹, the technology behind interactive surfaces by vertigo systems.

›charlie’s playground‹ - interactive games at the public library of Düren

The re-opening of the public library in Düren brings a digital concept and new entertainment ideas. This includes ›charlie’s playground‹, interactive projection games of vertigo systems which ensure fun and action!

›paint2life‹ as an interactive attraction at the adventure pool

The leisure pool Les Thermes in Strassen-Bertrange (Luxembourg) used the break caused by COVID19 for a complete redesign: Every guest, young or old, is surprised with some amazing new highlights. Also featured – perfectly fitting to the water world – the interactive painting aquarium ›paint2life‹.

Interactive showcase presents the new Saturn e-arena XPERION

The brand new e-arena XPERION, located in the Saturn store at Hansaring, Cologne, introduces a modern retail experience: 3000 square meters of store space feature everything that gamers love. One of the store partners is world’s most-famous video game publisher, Activision Blizzard. Working together with Elke Wilms – Werbeagentur, vertigo systems has created a spectacular eye-catcher: The interactive showcase ›living window‹, which attractes pedestrians in a magic way and invites them to enter the store.

Exciting medical design starts with the waiting room

Dr. med. dent. Sebastian Krause not only uses high tech devices for medical treatment but also for the waiting area: His orthodontic practice, fittingly named „we love smiles“, welcomes patients with the virtual sketch aquarium ›paint2life‹.

Interview: Lina Gutbier, consultant for interactive media installations

Today we are meeting Lina at the trade booth of vertigo systems GmbH at EuroShop 2020 in Düsseldorf. Lina explains where and how to use ›living surface‹ and how projects proceed from planing to realization.

›living surface‹ creates the visual basis for prime auditive products

Harman/Kardon is responsible for the hi-fi system of the new ID.3 e-car by Volkswagen. To present its benefits in an eye-pleasing fashion a collaboration with project owner Oliver Schrott Kommunikation from Cologne uses ›living surface‹

›living surface‹ meets Volksbank Börde-Bernburg

Volksbank Börde-Bernburg starts the digital era of bank business with not less than three interactive installations based on ›living surface‹. BANCO Projektentwicklungs GmbH & Co. KG created a modern branch with a comfortable setting which invites clients to stay and enjoy the inspiring atmosphere, even after the consultancy has finished.

Experience diversity and service - at the new service center of Stadtwerke Krefeld

How does a public provider for energy, water, waste management and public transportation present itself? The answer of SWK Krefeld is: "just in passing"

EuroShop 2020

Successful days at EuroShop 2020 in Düsseldorf!

„When the kids leave with a smile on their faces, we know that we did well!“

The dental surgery Milchzahnsafari welcomes patients in its new comfortable waiting room

largest virtual open air aquarium north of the alps unveiled

The cityscape of Paderborn has a new open air highlight. Stretching over a total length of 28m, visitors are faced with an impressive virtual interactive aquarium by the courtesy of the local bank VerbundVolksbank OWL eG. The relaunch of their interactive video wall is based on interactive technology ›living surface‹.

double faced interactive fish tank divides the room

The medical practice dental.h of Dr. Ulrich Holzmann and Dr. Carola Holzmann offers a special kind of entertainment in the waiting area to young and old patients: interactive display walls by vertigo systems turn the visit at the dentist’s office into a unique highlight.

invasion of the bats at Zoo Antwerp

The Antwerp Zoo has a new attraction. The new Kitum Cave is taking the visitors to the African continent. ›living surface‹ is making the underground world of rocks come to life. Projected virtual bats fly around the visitors.

outburst of interactive mud volcano at EXPO 2017 in Astana

Volcanism to touch and play with: The national pavilion of Azerbaijan is showing a 100% safe version of the country's characteristic mud volcanos. The fascinating interactive simulation is based on ›living surface‹.

virtual playground for seriously ill children

Interactive floor projection stimulates for full-body activity even in small spaces. Dr. Oliver Basu starts pilot project in University Hospital Essen.

Trade show light + building 2018 in Frankfurt am Main

It is time again: discover our product range of >living surface< from 18 - 23 March 2018 at the light + building in Frankfurt.

Europe’s Shops 2017!

vertigo systems is your technology and solution provider for unique interactive media installations in advanced shop design. Come and see how >living surface< creates customer experiences, arouses purchasing intentions and triggers impulses to buy.

360º LED-arena for Mitsui

The booth for Mitsui at the K-Messe 2016 in Düsseldorf convinced with its seamless integration of experienceable media components into the booth architecture.

Interactive display windows at the Toy Worlds Museum Basle

Between 22nd October 2016 and 2nd April 2017 the Toy Worlds Museum Basle will show the special exhibition „The girl and the sea, Thousands of years old, mysterious depictions of sea creatures – Florence Gottet collection“.

Interactive LED Video Sky - we threw the rulebook out of the window: This will keep your head in the clouds

The Kazimierz Galeria, a Krakow shopping mall, has always been known for extravagant shopping. However, it now also boasts a unique, sensational shopping experience:

Steak Fever at the Cologne Hilton

pepino©, vertigo systems' new smart pendant light, has been central attraction point of the New York Meat Market at the Konrad Restaurant in the Cologne Hilton!

›living floor‹ in social media craze

In May, we experienced what can happen when a well-known online magazine posts a video of ›living floor‹, vertigo systems' interactive floor: 2.8 million hits in only a few days and a flood of excited comments.

richmoKIDS - the pirates of the milk teeth walk on water

richmoKIDS is the dental practice for kids only! With lots of extra care and attention for the youngest patients - the pirates of the milkteeth. The new interactive projection floor takes the young corsairs on a journey to the Caribbean.

Dive into the interactive world of travelling!

A totally different dimension of travel booking has been created at the travel agency of DER in Berlin at „The Q“! Already on the ride on the escalator to the basement it is obvious: something is going on as there is hustle and bustle in the shop!

pepino© – interactive lighting design

Who would have guessed it: There is so much more behind the simple casing. pepino© is a magic and interactive lamp which responds to all activity and objects on tables, floors and bars and creates attractive animated graphics in real-time.

digital storytelling in BABOR's beauty-point

Innovative table construction with recently installed flat videowall displays gives a digital impression into the product range of the cosmetics company from Aachen.

light + building 2016

It is time again: You will be able to discover our product range of >living surface< from 13 - 18 March 2016 at the light + building in Frankfurt.

Exclusive offer: ›virtual penalty kick‹ – the highlight during the football summer of 2016!

The biggest sports event in football this summer starts on 10. June 2016 and vertigo systems provides a great highlight which ensures to attract Attention!

InterActivator™ – The interactive highlight for your promotion tour

The InterActivator™ is a mobile projection box which creates the >living floor<, a magical and interactive floor projection.

Interactive selfies with the national team at the German Football Museum in Dortmund

The new selfie tool makes it possible: from now on everyone can have themselves photographed with the heroes of the German National Team. Be a part of the sensational stars of German Football!

any surface – structured light and interactive media become one

Any type of interior surface material on walls, floors and tables can come to life with this innovative combination of animated structured light and long lasting LED-video-projectors. Thanks to the…

InterActivator™ – interactive in a minute!

Only one year ago, the InterActivator™ projection box had been introduced to the market. Its first anniversary is already giving us the opportunity to look back to many successful projects and events…

›living elevator‹ is a new immersive vertical experience for elevator cabins

Elevator rides are not boring anymore. ›living elevator‹ is the new upgrade for any existing or brand-new elevator to deliver vertical motion rides through inspiring virtual worlds.

join the interactive test track to your favourite pair of shoes

The German retailer Dielmann, known for beautiful shoes at affordable prices, is presenting his first interactive digital test track for favourite shoes. The large interactive floor in the center of…

InterActivator® projection box is available now!

Compact and mobile: the new InterActivator® projection box is small and contains everything that makes ›living surface‹ unique. The InterActivator® is the new plug & play solution from vertigo …

Eye-catching instore media installations for Europe’s Shops 2014!

vertigo systems is your technology and solution provider for unique interactive media installations in advanced shop design. Come and experience media solutions beyond the ordinary at our partner’s…

›living surface‹ complements bookstore shopdesign with touchless interactivity

The recently opened shops of the book store chain Thalia in Germany, Austria and Switzerland do all share a fresh and contemporary shop design. Here, the visitors will find many innovative ideas of…

interactive music worlds for the festival theater baden-baden

The Sigmund Kiener Foundation recently opened the kid's music world "Toccarion" in the famous Festspielhaus Baden-Baden. In this memorable location children can playfully discover the world of sound…

the loony-twisted world in the „hotel tartüff“ at the theme park „phantasialand“

Phantasialand is one of the largest  theme parks in Germany and is well known for presenting a new great attraction every year. The crazy „Hotel Tartüff“ is now setting new standards in the field of…

interactive treasure-hunt at karls pirate-village

Karls starts the summer season with a new attraction: every guest, tall or short, feels like a real pirate. The core of the indoor playground near Rostock is a huge pirate ship. In its center a…

an interactive space installation for the marmara park istanbul

The “Marmara Park”in Istanbul is one of Turkey’s largest shopping center providing an area of 100,000 sqm. The shopping and entertainment center was opened in October 2012 and features a…

rainforest cafe goes wild over interactive experience

London's largest family restaurant, the Rainforest Cafe, has introduced a new level of interactivity to its immersive jungle experience with the installation of two floor-based living surfaces,…

caribbean waters at the international tourism trade fair in madrid

This year’s International Tourism Trade Fair FITUR in Madrid celebrated its 33rd staging and was host to 9,979 exhibiting companies from 167 countries. ›vertigo systems‹ supported together with their…

›living wall‹ for outstanding interior design

›living wall‹ can now be used even more flexibly. Our new interactive content and flexible layouts for large-sized video walls perfectly stage every wall surface interactively.Regardless of whether…

interactive scenography at the bahrain national theater's opening

The dance and media performances resulted in images of magical beauty during the opening of the National Theater in the kingdom of Bahrain. The scenery combined artistically constructed and virtual…

ISE 2013 amsterdam: eyevis omnishapes meet ›living wall‹

No other available video wall technology can be installed that flexibly and is also of such high quality in image reproduction as eyevis Omnishapes.At their booth during the ISE 2013 in Amsterdam, the…

interactive primeval lava at the zoo in leipzig

Beneath the glas dome covered Gondwanaland at the zoo in Leipzig, visitors track 40 exotic animal species and 500 different tree and plant species through jungle paths in the 16.000m² sized area.The…

the eye-catch for ABC design at the trade fair "kind+jugend 2012"

The new collection of the internationally successful stroller manufacturer ABC Design was acknowledged with great enthusiasm at this year's trade fair Kind+Jugend in Cologne. The eye-catcher in the…

morocco mall: virtual aquarium enriches the oriental dreamworld

The recently opened Morocco Mall in Casablanca is an exciting and stylish masterpiece for international luxury shopping and entertainment with oriental flavour. Facilities, style and size are raising…

table football on steroids

Here, table football meets digital lifestyle! Born in a joint project with the traditional German manufacturer Leonhart and Students of the University Wuppertal, the interactive table football…

interactive audi Q3 event marketing

Together with his retailers Audi celebrated the introduction of the new Q3 during a unique road show. Between the 2nd and 26th October the show impressively…

digital eye-catcher at the new meeting place for shopping of nordhessen

For the new shopping mall RATIO_Land vertigo-systems and Maas & Partner jointly realize an example of a proverbially speaking living shopping-architecture. The video …

product launch of the store element „interactive showcase” at the opti 2012

concept-s the European market leader for store construction in the optician branch launched together with vertigo-systems their new joint product for an …

cebit 2012: interactive projections attractively present abstract content

›living surface‹ can also transform a topic like "tap-proof crypto-technologie" into a visual and interactive experience. During this year's CeBIT the advertising agency MOON (Duesseldorf) used…

Kung Fu Fighters

›vertigo systems‹ presents ›Kung Fu Fighters‹, the first game to provide real time scanning of motion pattern, physics-based strike detection, high-speed 3D-technology and…

›vertigo systems‹ presents ›living suface 1.7‹

On time for the beginning of the new year ›vertigo systems‹ presents the new software version ›living suface 1.7‹. Besides new features, the new version of ›living surface‹ provides…

new tradeshow booth of german postbank comes with built-in soccer stadium

The new tradeshow booth of the German consumer bank Postbank, allows the bank to adapt its booth size flexibly to different sorts of national trade fairs while consistently keeping the clear corporate…

customers discover the new samsung galaxy

The market introduction of the new Samsung Galaxy at fnac Brazil relies on ›living surface‹ in a bespoke edition for a touchless interactive casual game. The idea is to let the visitors discover the…

multi-touch displays, tables and kiosk systems with 32 touch-points

›vertigo systems‹ has extended its product portfolio with true mulit-touch displays that detect 32 touch-points simultaneously, accurately and fast. In addition to the new and surprisingly low priced…

artist charity night - 3 hours of show with fashion, dance, music and touchless interactivity

The third "Artist Charity Night" took place in June 2011 in Zurich's fashionable Maag Event Hall. The entrance area of the event has been magically put into scene by an interactive red floor carpet…

heineken club tour relies on ›living surface‹

While Heineken's new modern aluminum STR BOTTLE design looks stylish in any light, the UV reflective coating reveals a surprise under black lights. The same effect fascinates the visitors of Heinekens…

do virtual nemos brush their teeth?

This is a frequently asked question in a new type of dental practice in the german city Grevenbroich. The group practice Stammen & Partner just moved into its new location, a mysterious and unique…

interactive lounge design at euroshop 2011

At this year’s Euroshop 2011, the shopbuilder shop+store concept demonstrated their interior design skills by welcoming their customers and partners in a relaxed and cool lounge atmosphere. The lounge…

biodiverCITY interactive discovery in the royal belgium institute of natural science

Cross the street, dig into the earth, look at gardens and fallow land. Then pass by the railway verge and you will cross the path of the hedgehog or the fox, examine life below the earth, follow the…

ROSHEN confectionery opens children’s entertainment centre

Roshen, the leading Eastern European manufacturer for sweets and chocolate, recently opened its new exploration theme park for children in the Ukrainian city of Vinnitsa. The theme park has been…

euroshop 2011 – experience interactive shopdesign and visual marketing

Euroshop 2011 – experience interactive shopdesign and visual marketing with vertigo systemsThe international trade show Euroshop will open its gates again from February 26 until March 2, 2011 in…

›living surface - beyond HD‹ will be presented on ISE in amsterdam

ISE - Integrated Systems Europe is Europe's No. 1 show for professional AV and electronic systems integration. vertigo systems will present the new software edition ›living surface – beyond HD‹ from…

world debut: dive into magical worlds – taken literally!

Our virtual interactive fish have rejoined their natural habitat and can now be met under real water.An idea of the internationally renowned illusion painter Paul Betram Petereit comes to life at the…

›living surface - beyond HD‹ - interactivity on megapixel displays

living surface - beyond HD: Imagine an interactive digital experience that combines a megapixel display of impressive screen sizes and superb image resolution with real-time interactive digital…

event agency ›baum & garten‹ creates interactive koi lounge at ›expo real‹

EXPO CHILL-OUT at Wappenhalle Munich: For this year's special event at the EXPO REAL, STRABAG Property and Facility Services had welcomed their guests in a unique virtual koi lounge.

›art interactive‹ by ›living surface‹ at the blooom & art.fair 21

On the occasion of the BLOOOM and ART.FAIR 21 ›vertigo systems‹ presents artists from Germany, Austria and Switzerland. Extraordinary worlds of images will be shown in the “Staatenhaus” at the…

kicker update 2.0

Students in the field of industrial design from the University of Wuppertal developed a new table soccer experience. Working in close cooperation with the traditional manufacturer Leonhart and…

interactive lounge design for oval, germany

›Oval‹ is the name and the main design idea behind this new trendy cocktail bar in Karlsruhe, Germany. An elliptic floor and an oval-shaped bar table are rounded off by two fascinating interactive…

fnac brazil chooses ›vitual penalty kick‹

In summer 2010 fnac Brazil contributed to soccermania with a very special promotion event. For several weeks, the 9 leading fnac outlets had been equipped with ›virtual penalty kick‹. Every customer…


sanofi-aventis chose a new fresh way to welcome their guests to a corporate event in The Westing Hotel in the heart of Leipzig. 4 branded interactive floor projections paved the way to hotel’s…

›digital chill out‹ on barzone 2010

Young, unconventional and trailblazing: This is the barzone – Bar & Restaurant Business Show, now going into its THIRD round.With an increasing number of exhibitors and visitors, it is the trend…

light + building 2010 - ›living surface ambient media‹ on the world’s leading trade fair for architecture and technology

Light, space and objects are coming to life with interactive surfaces on floors, walls and tables created with ›living surface‹. That is this year’s motto for ›vertigo systems‹ appearance on the…

this month ›living surface‹ live in amsterdam and leipzig

This month you can get acquainted with ›living surface‹ at two major trade shows. ›vertigo systems‹ will be available from 2 to 4 February at the ›Integrated Systems Europe‹ in Amsterdam at the booth…

›living surface‹ celebrates the grand opening of germany's largest nespresso boutique

Acclaimed by all the coffee enthusiasts from Cologne, on December 8, 2009 Nespresso opened the ›Nespresso Boutique‹ next to the famous cathedral. Interactive floor projections created by ›living…

›living wall‹ at the British Academy of Film and Television Arts awards ceremony

Ceremonies can be really exhausting. Especially on the scale and class of the BAFTA award. Guests and prize winners were happy to encounter some recreational entertainment back stage. ›living wall‹ was the perfect activation point to release tired joints and to discover numerous digital contents.

40 square meters of interactive floor projections at art.fair 21

The ART.FAIR 21 is a unique art show featuring exhibits of 21st century from all over the world. The fair is held from October 29 until November 1, 2009 at Expo XXI in Cologne, Germany. The ancient…

reAktivRaum - interactive interior design for clubs using living surface

For celebrating 6 years Loonyland Felix Hild created an interactive room design using multi-output living surface systems. The visual design of the room is directly and indirectly influenced by the…

chancellor uncovers virtual finds in kalkriese

On Friday, May 15, 2009, German Chancellor Dr. Angela Merkel opened in Kalkriese the biggest archeological exhibition project of the year: the permanent exhibition on the legendary "Battle of the…

shoppingfun in the metro group future store

On May 1, 2009 vertigo systems GmbH joined METRO Group’s Future Store Initiative and complements the activities of 85 companies with interactive innovations in retail technology and POS media. …

hotel berlin berlin foyer goes interactive

The versatility of ›living surface‹ is quite impressive. A new, interactive floor installation has been on view in the foyer of the "Hotel Berlin, Berlin" since February. The circular floor projection…

›living surface‹ brings spanish tv show stage to life

Currently living surface can be seen in a Spanish TV show ”Supervivientes“, which is their equivalent of ”I am celebrity, get me out of here!“ The system, which on an optical level, has been…

a dynamic reception - ›living counter‹ the new interactive counter for reception center, trade fair and bars

The link between form and function makes all the difference. Receive your guests at a unique design object. ›living counter‹ - our interactive bar counter is a trade-fair novelty at the EuroCIS in…

this month ›living surface‹ live at two international tradeshows

This month you can get acquainted with living surface at two trade fairs. vertigo systems will be available from 3 to 5 February at the Integrated Systems Europe in Amsterdam at the stand of our…

›magic globe‹ the world's largest mobile 360-degree projection dome!

›magic globe‹, because of its enormous size of 22 meters in diameter and a 360° all-round projection, is an amazing location for events, promotions or as a stand-alone object for corporate events.…

giant leaps for little people with ›living surface‹ görtz kinder! shoes are one step ahead

At Alstertal shopping mall in Hamburg, Germany's first outlet for shoe fashion and accessories for children up to 12 years of age, Görtz Kinder!, entertains its young customers with interactive games…

Cocoon Club starting into new party season with interactive floor projection

The famous ›Cocoon Club‹ in Frankfurt makes its floor move with every step.

›living surface‹ contributes to roadshow ›experiencia toyota‹

The road show “Experiencia Toyota”, which is touring from Barcelona to Madrid, via Valencia, until November 2008, is bringing an outstanding audiovisual experience to selected locations. Large format…

coca-cola at cinema expo international 2008

Visit us at the central booth of Coca-ColaFrom June 24 until June 26 Cinema Expo, will open its gates at the RAI exhibition center in Amsterdam. Cinema Expo is the world largest convention and…

oceandiva futura now boarding with living surface

The innovative event cruise ship OCEANDIVA Futura is now available for booking for company events, conferences and „river“shows for up to 600 guests. living surface is one of the on-board entertaining…

Little globetrotters on discovery tour in digital wildlife

The outdoor store globetrotter is well-know for its pioneering experience stores with lots of things to see and to discover four old and young! Interactive projected play areas awaken the young generation's pioneering spirit.

debut of living surface out-of-home advertising network with nivea

The german out-of-home media seller Ströer DERG Media introduces its new network of living surface installations in selected german high speed train stations. Beiersdorf AG is the first advertising…

visit us at the euroshop

Visit us in Hall 10 Booth 10A33

From February 23-27, 2008, EuroShop, the Global Retail Fair, will again bring together the international world of retail and its partners. It will be held at the…

living table at the ›passagen‹ in cologne

Our interactive table can be visited at our partner remagen during the »Passagen«

alexander lechner joins vertigo systems as head of r&d

We are very proud to annouce that vertigo systems was able to aquire a most value new team member: Mr. Alexander Lechner.Alexander Lechner has just finished his work at one of the world leading game…


Starting in October 2007 the website is coming in the new look of vertigo systems. Potential buyers, customers and resellers find all information and lots of demos about living…

living surface 1.6 announced

living surface’s next major release is currently in testing stage and will be available by the end of the year. „Our users use more and more of the software’s content creation and customization…

ifa 2007 in berlin: virtual high street in epson-City powered by living surface

Watch out when you cross the high street in EPSON-City. The main road on the trade booth of the japanes manufacturer is crowded by fast going funny interactive cars. Virtual cars! Because what happens…

entropy - serious VR-game for the technical museum in vienna

installation in Vienna, 2004

MACKE LABOR in the Kunstmuseum Bonn

installed in the art museum Bonn, 2004

interactive opera for the Beethoven-Museum in Bonn

author, art direction: Johanna Dombois. art direction visual effects: Uli Lechner. idea, project management: Florian Dombois © Fraunhofer Institut Medienkommunkation IMK, 2004

bonvoyage - mixed reality installation for RAG essen

presented at the corporte summit 2004

cargomaster - serious gaming project for RAG essen

presented at Hannover Messe 2001

listen2mini - augmented reality audio installation for BMW group

Augmented-Reality-Product-Presentation for BMW at the Bilsalongen fair in Stockholm.

blue room studio for Basell

presented at trade show K 2001, Düsseldorf

innovation city - siemens

Presented at Telecom Genf 1999, Reproduced at: Imagina 2000, Siggraph 2000

avandia - virtual reality installation for GlaxoSmithKline

Presented at Diabetes Kongress Munich, 1999 Further reproductions: Imagina 2000, Siggraph 2000, Cebit 2002, Barco Kuurne

virtual anima - production for andré heller

presented in the Jahrhunderthalle Bochum, 1998

erlebniswelt - digital storytelling for RAG essen

Hannover Messe 1998

special guests

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