›living floor LED plaza‹

The interactive LED-arena is the checkpoint in an increasingly accelerated world. It can be found at the crossroads of mobility: airport terminals, shopping malls and large public events. It serves as a stage, meeting point, landmark and source of inspiration and communication. Alternating interactive contents invite people to play and temporarily get carried away to distant worlds. Individually customized contents underline identification brands and specific places.

LED-display-tiles can be combined to extra large display areas of nearly any size and shape. Image quality is stunning and bright as daylight. The entire display area is free of bezels and free of any projection shadows. The surface has anti-slippery coating and is easy to clean and robust enough to persist high loads in traffic buildings and world-class public spaces.

It’s the combination of the high-end floor videoscreen with the interactive media technology ›living surface‹ that creates the magic touch. The floor becomes an immersive interactive public arena with changing contents, like the famous life-size tropical aquarium, abstract animations and fascinating activity games for young and old.

Every plaza needs benches, storage tables and decoration. If requested, vertigo systems will provide the full solution including furniture.

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