dinner with ›charlie‹

Hello, I am  ›charlie‹, an amazing animated cat. I will entertain you and your guests as ‘chef de cuisine’ in a spectacular way!

  • at the restaurant
  • at the bar
  • at the lounge
  • at the club
  • and at the hotel

How? My profession as a cat is entertainment, fun & treats. Let me enchant your guests with my cooking show and an unforgettable Sushi-Dinner.

You can admire me in my element on a table, on a bar, at a counter and wall or on the floor. I am talented in many ways and as a chef and a cat I am at home in many kitchens. As such, I can do a lot more than just sushi and can create individual set meals for you - from burgers to haute cuisine – simply talk to me!

After the show you can still enjoy the thrill of >living surface< – it is possible to continue with our interactive world – with many wonderful fish in a virtual aquarium, which respond to the activity of the guests or with abstract graphics and fascinating games.

my qualities:

  • Let me bring your location to life with the unique gastronomical experience that I offer
  • I am funny, amusing and clever – an adventure to attract your guests and to keep them coming back
  • Who can offer an animated cat as a chef? – the word of mouth will spread around and bring masses of interested people

Let me entertain you!

Get in touch with my team!

how I become alive: 

  • You can have me with all of the cool vertigo products
  • My areas of application are tables, bars, counters and walls or floors
  • With regard to installation I like it uncomplicated, compact and easy and I will not create a lot of work
  • Put your personal stamp on me and create your set meal!
  • I am available individually or as a twin pack with the interactive crew
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