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Design and architecture matters wherever you go. Make use of interactive floors, walls and tables to add the magic touch to every interior design concept. Add interactive spaces to restaurants, lounges, cruise ships, resorts, showrooms, museums and spas. 

interior design showcases

largest virtual open air aquarium north of the alps unveiled

The cityscape of Paderborn has a new open air highlight. Stretching over a total length of 28m, visitors are faced with an impressive virtual interactive aquarium by the courtesy of the local bank VerbundVolksbank OWL eG. The relaunch of their interactive video wall is based on interactive technology ›living surface‹.

double faced interactive fish tank divides the room

The medical practice dental.h of Dr. Ulrich Holzmann and Dr. Carola Holzmann offers a special kind of entertainment in the waiting area to young and old patients: interactive display walls by vertigo systems turn the visit at the dentist’s office into a unique highlight.

Steak Fever at the Cologne Hilton

pepino©, vertigo systems' new smart pendant light, has been central attraction point of the New York Meat Market at the Konrad Restaurant in the Cologne Hilton!

rainforest cafe goes wild over interactive experience

London's largest family restaurant, the Rainforest Cafe, has introduced a new level of interactivity to its immersive jungle experience with the installation of two floor-based living surfaces,…

reAktivRaum - interactive interior design for clubs using living surface

For celebrating 6 years Loonyland Felix Hild created an interactive room design using multi-output living surface systems. The visual design of the room is directly and indirectly influenced by the…

hotel berlin berlin foyer goes interactive

The versatility of ›living surface‹ is quite impressive. A new, interactive floor installation has been on view in the foyer of the "Hotel Berlin, Berlin" since February. The circular floor projection…

Cocoon Club starting into new party season with interactive floor projection

The famous ›Cocoon Club‹ in Frankfurt makes its floor move with every step.

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