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space quest

space quest is an exciting game for two players competing for cosmic gems. In a fast-paced race through space, they must skillfully dodge asteroids and outsmart their opponents to emerge victorious. Deep in space, the competition becomes more intense and the tension increases with every second!


These frogs seem to be pretty disoriented. Save them by helping them find the way to the well. Each frog gives a point.

beetles and butterflies

Butterflies and beetles inhabit this little piece of nature. A person creates traces of flowers while walking. The beetles turn upside down and giggle if touched. The background image can be customized.
OrderID: KIDS_beetles_butterflies


In soccer two or more players can kick the ball and play against each other. You may exchange background image with sports advertisement. The physics engine driving the game allows real fights and perfect ball control. Background advertising can be customized with own images.
OrderID: KIDS_soccer

candy game

Imagine a world with candy raining down. Be the first to collect your favorite color and mind the wrong color.
You prefer tp have all candy for yourself only? Then make sure to switch to the single player version of this sweet game!

OrderID: KIDS_candy


colour bubbles

Colour bubbles move on the scenery. If a bubble is touched it dissolves in smaller bubbles. Comic fish are in the scenery as well and react on touch. Colour bubbles can be customized.
OrderID: KIDS_colour_bubbles

comic fish

Funny comic fish inhabit this water scenery. Background image can be customized.
OrderID: KIDS_comic_fish


Several types of funny cars are running in lanes like in a real city. The cars try to escape from the visitors. If the visitors are fast enough to catch a car it stops and funny items are thrown out of the car. Background image can be customized.
OrderID: Kids_cars


In this effect windmills start to rotate and move away on interaction. The background image will become visible.
All image in this effect can be customized.
OrderID: Kids_windmills


Airplanes and clouds react to interaction. Each plane has its own form of movement and can react differently to the user. Available airplanes: Airbus, Boeing, Business-Jets.
OrderID: Kids_airplanes

kids mosaic

In this effect the kid related tiles move away on interaction. The background image will become visible.
All image in this effect can be customized.
OrderID: Kids_mosaic

Image ratio of all thematic groups is 16:9 or 4:3.

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