Interactive LED Video Sky - we threw the rulebook out of the window: This will keep your head in the clouds

The Kazimierz Galeria, a Krakow shopping mall, has always been known for extravagant shopping. However, it now also boasts a unique, sensational shopping experience:

When visitors stroll through the classy architecture of the mall, the sky literally opens up above them. The 55 square metres of›living ceiling‹ with their sensitive camera sensor technology respond instantaneously to the visitors and accompany them with terrific fireworks, welcome them with the logo of the mall or line their path with lifelike, animated fish.

The seamless LED display has been cleverly integrated into the ceiling structure and delivers brilliant, high-contrast pictures. At each hour, the mall turns into a gigantic digital games arena, when two players, in front of a large audience, compete in "Candygame". Fun and action is guaranteed making the audience's eyes light up.

The installation was realised by our partner alpha vision event engineering on the basis of the <link _blank>›living surface‹ technology for touchfree, interactive media installations.

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