largest virtual open air aquarium north of the alps unveiled

treasure of Paderborn hidden under interactive leaves

The cityscape of Paderborn has a new open air highlight. Stretching over a total length of 28m, visitors are faced with an impressive virtual interactive aquarium by the courtesy of the local bank VerbundVolksbank OWL eG. The relaunch of their interactive video wall is based on interactive technology ›living surface‹.

catching the city sights of Paderborn while passing by
28 m interactive tropical aquarium open air
interactive media installations echoes city vibes

In cooperation with „banco“, leading solution provider for bank retail design, vertigo systems created a magic ›living wall‹ at the outer front of the bank building in the center of Paderborn. To turn the video walls into an interactive highlight both of them were upgraded with the ›living surface‹ technology. In cooperation with banco vertigo created special content for both video walls which are made of 25 single screens each.

As a result two breath-taking ›living wall‹ with a combined length of 28 meters work as a brilliant eye-catcher for all visitors! 

Clients of the Volksbank and all visitors of the passage in the center of Paderborn can experience and influence the interactive content completely touch-free powered by the ›living surface‹ IR-camera sensor technology.

The integration of the screen walls in the architecture works perfectly: Even when the sunlight enters through the glass ceiling, the huge interactive content is displayed brightly and brilliantly.

Pedestrians who cross the light-flooded passage experience their way as an interactive staging. The interactive tropical aquarium impresses with plenty of exotic fish which react to the movement of the visitors and follow them through the passage. Other effects create a local reference to Paderborn as they show the skyline and present the sights of the region in an exciting exploring game.


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