›art interactive‹ by ›living surface‹ at the blooom & art.fair 21

On the occasion of the BLOOOM and ART.FAIR 21 ›vertigo systems‹ presents artists from Germany, Austria and Switzerland. Extraordinary worlds of images will be shown in the “Staatenhaus” at the Rheinpark in Cologne from October 28th until November 1th, which are inviting the visitor to interact with these worlds and create new contexts. In addition to the team from ›vertigo systems‹, the artists and artist collectives Frische Milch (Graz/Fulda), Mettage (Köln), Bestvina (Zurich) and Eyefatigue (Berlin) developed new approaches for interactive room projections by the use of ›living surface‹. The visitor becomes part of the image and, by using his body movements, interacts directly within the installation. Each movement on the surface changes the visual theme. New digital worlds of images are created and change their focus. The border between artist and contemplator vanishes: Art becomes experienceable, seduces to act, to react and always renews itself.

www.art-fair.de / www.blooom.de

Click here for the video documentation of the project

The technical equipment is sponored by „Gahrens+Battermann


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