chancellor uncovers virtual finds in kalkriese

On Friday, May 15, 2009, German Chancellor Dr. Angela Merkel opened in Kalkriese the biggest archeological exhibition project of the year: the permanent exhibition on the legendary "Battle of the Teutoburg Forest" – "IMPERIUM KONFLIKT MYTHOS. 2000 Jahre Varusschlacht".

Angela Merkel was visibly amazed by virtual finds under an equally virtual meadow. The interactive objects, such as the Roman battle axes, are based on those found during the original excavations in the Teutoburg Forest. And the fascination of this make?believe discovery will soon leave lasting memories not only with the Chancellor, but with all visitors.

The Chancellor's brief moment of confusion on the virtual ground was caused by her succumbing to the astonishing illusions of the most modern digital technology, the work of the Cologne company vertigo systems GmbH – a visible sign of vertigo's success at making the interactive project medium living surface® into a sensational world of its own and a fascinating attraction, where kids and grown-ups can travel through time at the museum and park in Kalkriese.

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