Dive into the interactive world of travelling!

A totally different dimension of travel booking has been created at the travel agency of DER in Berlin at „The Q“!

Already on the ride on the escalator to the basement it is obvious: something is going on as there is hustle and bustle in the shop!

vertigo systems was invited to be part of the DER Concept Store with 3 stand-out installations:

Firstly, an interactive floor projection <link _blank>›living floor‹ welcomes visitors at the entrance as a vivid red carpet inviting people to enter the shop. Already, spontaneous holiday feelings are triggered through the mesmerising graphics of an <link _blank>interactive tropical aquarium.

Furthermore when browsing for a suitable holiday destination, visitors can also enjoy the distraction of the <link _blank>interactive swimming fish on the table surface. The fish respond to the interaction of the visitors in real-time in a variety of exciting ways.

But the real highlight is the 5, 4 sq. m display-based <link _blank>›living wall‹. Not only does it show the high-quality film collection of DER holiday destinations in cinema format, but also offers touch-free interactive content. Visitors stand exposed to the „DER“- logo in conjunction with travel experiences making them truly feel like globetrotters and allowing them to interact with the fantastic world of travel.

The new concept store at „The Q“ at Berliner Friedrichstraße 69 is created by rb-concept and is open all week, except for Sundays, for you to experience and enjoy.


www.der.com/the-q    www.rb-concept.de   

 (picture source: DER Touristik)

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