Interactive showcase presents the new Saturn e-arena XPERION

Saturn Hansaring XPERION

The brand new e-arena XPERION, located in the Saturn store at Hansaring, Cologne, introduces a modern retail experience: 3000 square meters of store space feature everything that gamers love.

One of the store partners is world’s most-famous video game publisher, Activision Blizzard. Working together with Elke Wilms – Werbeagentur, vertigo systems has created a spectacular eye-catcher: The interactive showcase ›living window‹, which attractes pedestrians in a magic way and invites them to enter the store.

Saturn Hansaring living window

Living in a world where e-commerce is booming and many customers prefer to stay at home while shopping, creative retail store concepts are more important than ever. The prime example for a unique retail experience is the new e-arena XPERION, which is located in the famous Saturn premises at Hansaring in Cologne. Beside the products of many providers and manufacturers of gaming supply, visitors can play games, test hardware and attend exciting live events.

Of course, famous publisher Activision Blizzard takes the chance to participate in the store concept and presents its famous game titles such as Call of Duty®, Starcraft® or Crash Bandicoot™. The booth of Activision Blizzard provides visitors with a vivid impression of the current games.

But not only visitors inside the store are flashed by the audiovisual presentation: the interactive ›living window‹ by vertigo systems presents new game developments by Activision Blizzard to the street in front of the XPERION. Pedestrians can not only catch a glimpse of new titles like Crash Bandicoot™ 4, thanks to the interactive ›living surface‹ camera technology they can experience it in an interactive way. The 2,50 x 1,40 m big ›living window‹ is placed directly next to entrance, so that pedestrians have the chance to enter instantly and learn more about the games of Activision Blizzard. In this way, the eye-catcher turns into a customer magnet.

Using this innovative concept, Activision Blizzard integrates perfectly into the appealing store atmosphere and shows how retail may look in the future.

We want to say „thank you“ to our project partners:

Elke Wilms Werbeagentur GmbH

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