Interview: Lina Gutbier, consultant for interactive media installations

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Today we are meeting Lina at the trade booth of vertigo systems GmbH at EuroShop 2020 in Düsseldorf. Lina explains where and how to use ›living surface‹ and how projects proceed from planing to realization.

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Hi Lina! Congratulations for having a successful trade booth here at EuroShop.

Lina: So many visitors are excited about the interactive ›living surface‹ solutions. We always look forward to our fair time! The vertigo booth is different from year to year and we are excited for the visitors! So far we only got positive feedback – I am sure our booth neighbors are happy for us as well :) 

Here at the booth we are only a few who present ›living surface‹, but behind the scenes there is an entire team working for years on our products - and that results in great quality!

Let’s start with a simple question: How does the ›living floor‹ work? 

Lina: Basically there are a few components which communicate to create the ›living floor‹:

The projector functions as the output device, our ›living surface‹ software delivers the desired content, the camera technology tracks any movement on the surface while the PC connects everything and runs the software. Last but not least the mounting box, which stores everything safely below the ceiling.

Whenever I enter the interactive projection, the camera tracks my movement. Within the same moment the content is reacting with the fish fleeing from the interaction. Smooth waves emerge from my interaction and I feel as a part of the whole scenario.

Since vertigo systems exhibits on various fairs: which business sectors do you cover?

Lina: Customers from many different business sectors approach us. In fact, interactive surfaces are very versatile. We plan and realize projects on fairs, in retail, for hotels, in waiting areas, in museums and everywhere children want to be entertained.

Many customers are thrilled to run their ›living surface‹ systems 24/7 in Germany and all around the world!

So the range of usability is quite wide. But what is the first step of a successful project – and how do customers approach you?

Lina: In many cases the customers saw our systems before and find us online or at our trade booths. We are lucky that many people are eager to learn more and contact us personally. All clients are individual and have their own imagination on how to realize a ›living surface‹ project at their location. We take that into account by providing a tailored consultation.

For those who did not have the chance to experience our solutions live yet, we offer to visit our showroom in Cologne. We are pleased to present every configuration and work out a fitting solution together with the customer.

What are the next steps for a successful project? What is the planning based on and how does it proceed?

Lina: The most important thing for us is to get an impression of the location where the interactive system is about to be installed. For this, pictures, layouts and visualizations by the architect or interior designer are helpful tools.

We want to offer the perfect solution to the client. That is why we work with a wide range of projectors and displays. Installing the same configuration at every location is not an option for us. To follow this up, we discuss with the customer which product and especially which content suits him best.

Together we work step by step to agree upon an individual offer.

What is the content like? Are there games and effects which can be used out of the box – and can we create something new?

Lina: We have a stock of really great content which never gets boring! For example, our ›living aquarium‹ creates a relaxing atmosphere for young and old and allows visitors to dive into the submarine world for several hours!

On the other hand, there is a lot of content which can be innovated in an instant through personal pictures and logos. This combination of content guarantees a great result with limited effort.

But, of course, we also love projects where something completely new is created!

What happens after installation – for example if technical problems arise?

Lina: My colleagues from the support department leave no one behind – we have a dedicated support system which allows us to help everyone individually.

What are the benefits of an interactive ›living surface‹ system? And does it makes up for the costs?

Lina: Basically the question comes down to whether you are ready for a unique selling point! ›living surface‹ works like a magnet: For example children really prefer the dentist or the shop with funny games projected on the floor, wall or table. There is a lot of exciting content - and there will be even more in the future :)

The visitors are happy to come back and share their positive experience – really the best advertisement you can get!

By now, you are working at vertigo systems for 5 years. What is the best thing about your job?

Lina: It is just a pleasure to work for a family-like company which motivates everyone to contribute own ideas. And of course our customers, who bring so much input and creativity to make every project unique.

We work with people to realize projects all around the globe, that is really exciting.

If you think of former projects – which was the most outstanding one?

Lina: That is really hard to tell, because there where and there are so many great projects!

But for me, the undisputed first place is our project with Uniklinik Bonn, where we developed my favorite interactive product ›paint2life‹.

It allows kids to paint sea creatures just as they like and bring them to life with pressing a button. After that they can play with them and even feed them! From coming up with the idea to realizing the installation it took some time – but the result is just outstanding! Anyone who experiences the interactive painting station is just as exciting as we are!

Thank you very much for the chat, Lina!

Do you have a project idea? Please contact us! We look forward to your enquiry!

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