multi-touch displays, tables and kiosk systems with 32 touch-points

›vertigo systems‹ has extended its product portfolio with true mulit-touch displays that detect 32 touch-points simultaneously, accurately and fast. In addition to the new and surprisingly low priced high-end displays, there is also an entry level product line that is ready to detect 2 or 4 simultaneous touch-points. Screen sizes range from 22 inches / 56 cm to 65 inches / 165 cm. All displays support the TUIO-protocol and are optionally available with mult-touch enabled standard software for Windows 7 and Mac OS X.

multi-touch tables
›vertigo systems‹ also just introduced the new range of high quality interactive tables with the same advanced multi-touch technology. The following sizes are available: 32 inches / 80 cm, 42 inches / 106,7 cm and 55 inches / 139 cm. Optionally, each table can be ordered in a low height version especially for kids. Compared to interactive tables using backprojection technoloy, multi-touch tables based on flatscreen technology will deliver brillant and crisp image quality even in bright environments. The tables detect 32 touch-point simultaneously. Prices start at 5.999€.*

multi-touch kiosk systems
The robust but attractive design of the multi-touch kiosk systems makes them especially useful for information service systems in out-of-home environments and at the point of sale. This system is also based on the same advanced multi-touch sensor technology that detects up to 32 touch-points with amazing accuracy and low latency. The kiosk systems are equipped with robust steel cases, hardened security glass and screens that are tilted by 45 degrees. Call us now to learn more about available colors, bases and sizes: 32 inches / 80 cm, 42 inches / 106,7 cm and 55 inches / 139 cm.

"multi-touch-professional" software suite
All multi-touch devices are optionally available bundled with the new Multi-Touch Software Suite “multi-touch professional”. This software is highly configurable and allows to create a rich multi-touch experience for multiple simultaneous users (multi-user). “multi-touch professional” contains a collection of applications to present your products, services, ideas and informations in a unique and innovative way.

main features:

  • supports interaction between mulitple users using multi-touch gestures
  • presents webpages, youtube video clips, pdf documents, pictures, Google Maps in a multi-touch environment
  • compatible with social media like Facebook, LinkedIn, Twitter, Online E-Mail, Online Chat
  • edit, annotate and save pdf document, videos and website 
  • easy configuration
  • easy customization and exchange of skins

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