Steak Fever at the Cologne Hilton

pepino©, vertigo systems' new smart pendant light, has been central attraction point of the New York Meat Market at the Konrad Restaurant in the Cologne Hilton!

It was the combination of rustic-American table culture and the digital high-tech design lamp which made pepino the perfect accessory for the occasion. Real, live embers and the virtual herb shower in the centrally projected table grill emphasized the aroma of the freshly grilled steaks. And in between delicious spare ribs and salads pepino's lively motives was the centre attraction giving the guests plenty to talk about.

On their way to the buffet, the <link _blank>InterActivator™ welcomed the visitors with its fascinating, interactive effects and simulations of nature. At this event, "rock solid" and "virtual digital" worked hand in hand making it an unforgettable experience for everybody.

Are you looking for a highlight for your next event? Or a unique decorative element for your gastronomic entertainment events?

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