world debut: dive into magical worlds – taken literally!

Our virtual interactive fish have rejoined their natural habitat and can now be met under real water.

An idea of the internationally renowned illusion painter Paul Betram Petereit comes to life at the trade fair Interbad 2010 in Stuttgart. For the first time ever Mr. Petereit presents a real swimming pool that hosts a virtual under-water-world with reefs, interactive schools of fishes and vivid dolphins created by a combination of illusion paintings and interactive screens and projections. The last breed of ›living surface‹ interactive fishes is the key technology for the illusion of under water life in this outstanding project. Jump into this new type of pool and discover a magical world.

The consortium consisting of Mr. Petereit, Panasonic, Evonik, Vario Pool Systems and vertigo systems is now offering this fascinating solution for selected international projects on unique wellness worlds.

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Click here for the video documentation of the project


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