›paint2life‹ as an interactive attraction at the adventure pool

paint2life Les Thermes

The leisure pool Les Thermes in Strassen-Bertrange (Luxembourg) used the break caused by COVID19 for a complete redesign: Every guest, young or old, is surprised with some amazing new highlights. Also featured – perfectly fitting to the water world – the interactive painting aquarium ›paint2life‹.

Visitors had to wait a long time before the popular adventure pool Les Thermes in Strassen-Bertrange was allowed to re-open after the lockdown in spring. Needlessly to say that the Les Thermes team led by director Jutta Kleiber has used the time well to surprise guests with some new exciting attractions.

Along with many creative attractions like the „space shuttle“ themed slide and an outdoor spray park the interactive painting aquarium ›paint2life‹- by vertigo systems was integrated.

›paint2life‹ broadens the pleasure of visiting Les Thermes in an unique way:

While taking a break from the pools, children can color templates with different sea creatures – just the way they like - and bring the animals to life using the scanner station. Afterwards they can play with the fish and even feed them in the more than 5 meter long aquarium!

That is made possible by the interactive camera technology based on ›living surface‹.The integration in the pool world requires the technical components to be installed behind a glass panel which protects them from water and air moisture.

The flexibility of ›paint2life‹ and ›living surface‹ in combination with 4 high-quality video wall displays, which are connected to a near seamless surface of approx. 5,2 m x 0,7 m, makes it possible to realize an interactive media installation under the conditions of a public pool.

The ›paint2life‹ fish tank completes the unique expierence of visiting Les Thermes and makes sure that young guests and families are excited to return.

We want to thank Ms Kleiber and her team for their effort and wish every visitor great fun at Les Thermes! 

Excited for an unique bathing experience? Visit Les Thermeshttps://www.lesthermes.net/en/home.html

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