penalty kick

The ›virtual penalty kick‹ is a brand-new creation that guarantees to spark authentic football fever in young and old. The interactive shootout is a high- light at events, trade fairs and in museums; it inspires enthusiasm for the game and team spirit in all the participants. Get your visitors to exercise their physical capacity to the full when it’s all about kicking the ball into the goal.

Where can penalty-kick interactivity be effective?
  • Sport events, football clubs, sport shops, VIP areas in stadiums
  • Trade fairs, sponsoring events, promotional actions, product launches
  • Museums and exhibitions
  • Recreational parks and amusement arcades
What customer-specific adaptations are possible?
  • Alternating advertising boards can individually be designed
  • Pop-up ads in pre- and closing credits as well as in-between
  • Promotional articles like a football or a goalkeeper T-shirt can be individually branded
  • Design of the background image as well as overlay graphics
The highlights at a glance:
  • Maximum fun and visitors with no fear of physical contact
  • Full 3D-animated graphics and reactions in real time
  • 3D-sound backdrop- The size of the projection and the intervals can be adapted (or reduced) at will to the space available
  • Playing time can be individually modified
  • Fully automatic sequence, conceived for continuous operation (24/7)
  • Touch-less function, i.e., no risk of damage from players
  • No maintenance costs other than changing the projector bulbs
How does it work?

The virtual football at the penalty spot is projected onto the ground, while the goalkeeper in waiting position is reproduced on the wall (double pro- jection). When the player kicks the virtual ball, the movement is detected by a camera system on the ceiling, and its direction and the shot’s force are generated in real time. The >living surface< software system triggers the 3D- animated goalkeeper, who tries to stop the ball. The only thing real about the >virtual penalty kick< is the foot of the player. Everything else—the ball, goal and goalkeeper—exist only virtually on the projection screen.

Are other sports with double projection available?
  • Rugby is in stock
  • Similar games can be individually programmed

We are offering virtual penalty kick for purchase or rental. Please feel free to request a quote.

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