an interactive space installation for the marmara park istanbul

The “Marmara Park”in Istanbul is one of Turkey’s largest shopping center providing an area of 100,000 sqm. The shopping and entertainment center was opened in October 2012 and features a spectacular space atmosphere through its light- and interior design which makes the center distinctive and the stay an experience.

A four-storied rocket is situated in the middle of the center which picks up the multimedia galaxy concept with a number of integrated room installations. The company M3Vision assigned ›vertigo systems‹ to develop an interactive game where a planet has to be saved from the ›invasion of the space frogs‹. The visitors of the center chase away the intruders via touch-less interaction into a volcano situated in the middle of a virtual cratered landscape. The image is transmitted through a levitated 70 inch rear projection pane and is visible from most parts in the shopping center.

This concept works out: with the unique combination of the galaxy concept, the shopping center and the interactive experience room the “Marmara Park” in Istanbul sets new standards and was coherently awarded as “Best Shopping Center” with the famous MIPIM Award at the MIPIM 2013 in Cannes.



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