rainforest cafe goes wild over interactive experience

London's largest family restaurant, the Rainforest Cafe, has introduced a new level of interactivity to its immersive jungle experience with the installation of two floor-based living surfaces, giving young guests a stunning opportunity to play with moving fish, leaves and frogs.
Described as 'a place for discovery' in the heart of London's Piccadilly Circus, Rainforest Cafe offers an authentic tropical forest experience with animatronic wild animals, a thunderstorm every 29 minutes, Amazonian foliage, live fish and of course rainforest-themed delicious food.

The new interactive media installations ›living floor‹ are using a video projector, an infrared tracking system and a graphics PC running the software ›living surface‹ to enable children and adults alike to fully interact and play with the Rainforest Cafe's mascot, Cha! Cha! the red-eyed tree frog – as they arrive on the leaf floor projection area.

A second ›living floor‹ is fitted deeper into the 'forest' to create a ground-level fishpond. The digital fish, designed as replicas of the live fish in tanks around the restaurant, swim happily until the projection is walked over when they dash away.
The leaf floor and fish pool have been enormously popular with the thousands of guests hosted weekly by Rainforest Cafe since their installation ahead of the school holidays.
The project was carried out by UK representative of vertigo systems, the company i-Sub Digital Solutions in close cooperation with the customer the Rainforest Café.


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