›charlie’s playground‹ - interactive games at the public library of Düren

interactive projection

The re-opening of the public library in Düren brings a digital concept and new entertainment ideas. This includes ›charlie’s playground‹, interactive projection games of vertigo systems which ensure fun and action!

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interactive projection games

Besides delivering a broad range of literary works, the library makes sure to include digital activities into its offer. In the past, kids and teens may have come to the library to play regular games on the library’s PC. Now, however, games do not only have to be exciting and innovative but also have to satisfy the urge of children to move and jump around.

›charlie’s playground‹ does this with its wide range of interactive games and therefore provides a compensation for long reading sessions. The touch-less interactivity brings exciting game ideas like football or the candy game, where candy of the correct color has to be collected. Additionally, interactive fish worlds and meadows thrill young and older children. All effects and games are designed to be easily understood and accessible – so that everybody can participate.

The integration of the projection hardware into the false ceiling ensures a safe installation out of reach and also fits nicely into the overall atmosphere.

We are thankful for a great cooperation with the library’s team and wish everyone a great experience in the kid’s corner! 

Here you can find the web presence of the library (Stadtbücherei Düren).

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