robots explore interactive worlds at the German Museum of Technology

children program robots

At the (part of German Museum of Technology) children are given the chance to program small robots and teach them how to find their way through an interactive arena. This is made possible with a special configuration of ›living surface‹, the technology behind interactive surfaces by vertigo systems.

interactive soccer game
children control robots interactively
robots on interactive surface is on a mission to teach children digital knowledge and make modern technology accessible and understandable. Participating in workshops held at the exhibition, children will take the initiative and develop a deep understanding of our modern, digital world.

A very important (and also exciting!) future profession is robotics. Even today, automated helpers already play a huge role in many sectors. So why not teach the cildren valueable knowledge while letting them be the robotics specialists in charge?

To pose a real challenge to the robots and their young developers vertigo systems created an exciting interactive world. This world includes projected paths and obstacles, which have to be avoided by the robots. So only if the children provide the robot with the correct coding, it will find its way through the arena. Typical for ›living surface‹, the robots are tracked with motion sensors to connect the physical shapes and digital world.

Do not forget: Even the most exciting coding session needs a break sometimes. The interactive football game is perfect for that! Children can play by themselves on the interactive pitch or let their robots do the job. Either way, it is fun for everyone!

We are happy that we got chance to realize this exciting project and are grateful for the fruitful cooperation!

Here you can find everything about, the German Museum of Technology and available workshops.

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