InterActivator® projection box is available now!

Compact and mobile: the new InterActivator® projection box is small and contains everything that makes ›living surface‹ unique. The InterActivator® is the new plug & play solution from vertigo systems for interactive projection floors. It is perfect for small events, road shows and promotions. The integrated short throw projector delivers a bright and crisp life-size projection image even in daylight situations. The pre-installed software ›living surface‹ comes with a set of rich effect-apps that allow you to create great interactive contents based on your existing advertising visuals. The special highlight of the InterActivator® is the built-in support for multi-projection setups that consist of up to 4 InterActivator® boxes. Up to 4 boxes will create one large seamless projection area. Setup times are minimized because the InterActivator® does not require any mounting at the ceiling and no camera calibration. Contact us now for an individual offer!



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